Oliver Cronin Performs ‘I Need You’ Live From Happy




Oliver Cronin dropped by Happy to share a rendition of his latest single in an exclusive Live From Happy session.

The all-around sweetheart and talented singer-songwriter performed ‘I Need You’ at our Noise Machines studio.


oliver cronin

Oliver Cronin swung by Happy, gracing us with a rendition of his newest single, in an exclusive Live From Happy session.

The gifted singer-songwriter and all-around sweetheart graced the Noise Machines studio, delivering a captivating performance of ‘I Need You.’

This tropical-influenced track, written during a songwriting trip in Los Angeles in late 2022, continues the dark-pop exploration seen in his recent releases.

“I and XXEL made this last November, the very first time we linked up in LA. We wanted to make a song that people could cry to but also dance to at the same time. The track is about the memories of a past relationship and regretting how things ended up; it’s kind of an ‘I want you back’ type of song,” says Oliver about the song.

His debut EP, “Beautiful Nightmare,” featured the standout moment “Boys Don’t Cry,” which has garnered over 6 million streams after gaining popularity on TikTok.

Given the openness of Cronin’s music, it’s perhaps unsurprising that his connection with his fans is strong. With over 400,000 followers on TikTok, he’s used his page as a space to make music in front of fans.

Cronin is hard at work on a full-length project, which he’s teasing as a “big step up sonically,” and ‘I Need You’ sets the foundations for what is to come.

To find out more about Oliver Cronin head over to his Instagram.