Owen Performs ‘Forever’ Live From Happy

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Owen recently swung by our Noise Machines studio for an exclusive Live from Happy session. 

He laid down the track ‘Forever,’ a heartfelt tribute to a love of days gone by. Even though time has marched on, this song still strikes a chord – it’s got that enduring quality that just sticks with you.

Massive shout out to Sennheiser for providing their top-notch mics, ensuring every note came through crystal clear. And let’s not forget the best seltzers on the planet, Mode. Plus, big love to Tixel for hooking up fans with their favourite events, making concert experiences affordable and utterly unforgettable.


Owen recently dropped by our Noise Machines studio for an exclusive Live from Happy session, delivering the track ‘Forever,’ a heartfelt nod to a past love.

Even though time has passed, this song still resonates – it’s got that enduring quality.

Making his inaugural trip Down Under for SXSW, Owen, accompanied by his label mates from Empire Eclipse, made a memorable stop at happy mag.

This marked a significant milestone in his artistic journey, as he introduced his distinct style to a broader global audience.

In the dynamic Korean hip-hop scene, Owen’s forged his own path. With the release of his 2016 mixtape, ‘[P.O.E.M],’ he garnered acclaim for his honest lyrics and classic beats.

When it comes to lyrical craftsmanship, Owen’s got it down. He’s all about conscious rap, laying down verses with his own distinctive touch. His lyrics touch on everything from everyday life to the quirks of society, personal reflections, and a determination to rise above past missteps.

To find out more about Owen head over to his Instagram.

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