Pricie Performs ‘Hold On Me’ Live From Happy


In the latest edition of our “Live From Happy” series, we were joined by the incredibly talented singer, songwriter and producer, Pricie.

Converse All Star Pricie took the stage at Happy’s own Noise Machine Studio, where she delivered an impressive performance of her latest single, ‘Hold On Me.’ 


Having her roots in funk-infused bass and hip-hop, Pricie has been steadily gaining recognition since stepping into the music scene in 2021. 

Her latest release, ‘Hold On Me,’ delves into the inner workings of a complex relationship. With her versatile vocals on full display, the song explores the intricacies of understanding someone and the difference between the image we had of them and their true self.

Check out the performance below:

Perfectly capturing the nuance’s of a complicated relationship, Pricie relays that even as you start to realise, it’s already too late—the person has already got you. And in true Pricie style, shrugs it off, and embraces the journey, no matter the challenges, echoing the mantra, ‘Ride it till the wheels come off.’

In addition to her musical pursuits, Pricie’s involvement in the Converse All Star community adds another layer to her narrative. This global initiative by Converse offers emerging artists opportunities for creative expression, mentorship, and commissioned projects. This alignment resonates with Pricie’s dedication to self-expression and cultural interchange, enriching her artistic journey.

The Converse All Stars program is a robust, community-focused ecosystem of mentorship, commissions, and funding, as Converse aims to create more opportunities for emerging creatives around the world.

For more information go to https://www.converse.com.au/converse-all-stars

To find out more about Pricie head over to her Instagram.