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Celebrating the diverse and dynamic sounds of the queer music community, Rainbow Umami: a Queer Club Remix Series celebrates talented DJs and producers who are pushing boundaries and breaking barriers.

Shining a deserved spotlight on the diversity and talent of the queer music community, Rainbow Umami: a Queer Club Remix Series applauds the producers and DJs who honour their roots, push the envelope and most importantly, be true to themselves.

In celebration and association with this year’s Sydney World Pride, the Queer Club Remix Series presented by Converse, showcases some of the best and brightest DJs and producers in the scene, giving deserved flowers to those breaking down barriers.

As a vehicle for creative expression in music, Converse Chucks have long carved a footpath for inspiration and self-designed originality. Through the Converse All Star community, they continue to support musicians on their journey to become the next generation of figureheads in the worlds of music, fashion and culture.

Déjà Miru is one of these creatives — a Western Sydney producer who tried his hand at a remix of the Billymaree song Sensitive. For a musician to whom community is integral, it’s no surprise Miru drew remix inspiration from a fellow artist and friend who inspires him, while adding his own unique flair in the process. Miru was drawn to, and expanded upon, Sensitive’s earworm melody, staying true to the emotional lyricism that resonated with him.


Miru made sure to retain the song’s soul and message of vulnerability, something he found especially important for men to hear. This expressiveness of music is intentional for Miru, who sees his craft as a vehicle for self-actualisation and a way to manifest facets of his queerness. As a result, Miru has engendered a safe space for similar voices to be heard.

The openness of Miru’s work is perhaps a by product of his origins in Western Sydney, an area where diversity can’t help but materialise in the music scene. While that variedness might prove difficult for artists trying to make their mark, Miru is more concerned with the universal —  intent on “just do[ing] my thing” and making music that “anyone can relate to

de ja miru

By the nature of Miru’s roots, creativity has always surrounded him, and is reflected in the broad pool of his collaborators and his exposure to diverse sounds. Though he started off as a bedroom producer, the confined space was no limit to those he enlisted for his work, welcoming a host of musicians and ensuring their voices were heard.

The vehicles of expression know no bounds for Miru, who sees the Converse All Star community as yet another mode of creativity. Just like music, fashion is a means for Miru to be comfortable and confident in himself, or as he puts it, “letting clothes speak for you.” Scroll up to check out Happy Mag’s interview with the producer above.   

deja - miru

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