Celebrating the diverse and dynamic sounds of the queer music community, Rainbow Umami: a Queer Club Remix Series celebrates talented DJs and producers who are pushing boundaries and breaking barriers.

In celebration and association with Sydney World Pride 2023, our Queer Club Remix Series is shining a light on talented DJs and producers who are making waves in the music community.

Who better to help shine that light than Converse and the talented individuals in their All Star Community. It’s well known that Chucks and musicians are a match made in heaven, as both serve as timeless vehicles for self-expression, creativity, and cultural exchange.

One of those artists who is breaking down barriers is Tinika, who brings her A-game to the table with a pitch-perfect remix of Julai, a bold and fierce queer rapper from Naarm. Her reworking of ‘Old Money’ transforms it into a bona fide club banger while staying true to the essence of the original.


Tinika’s creative process starts at OKO, her family’s café in Fitzroy, where she tunes in to the foundational drumbeat that ignites the remix. Her musical evolution, from house and disco to R&B and now a more global sound that blends hip-hop and electronica, has been nurtured and championed by the queer community.

Tinika draws inspiration from the strides made by Melbourne’s queer club scene, where LGBTQIA+ folks are carving out safe and celebratory spaces that centre on music and community.


Joining the Converse All Star community has been a dream for Tinika, with the program offering a fantastic opportunity for like-minded individuals to connect, collaborate and create a different kind of creative experience that prioritises inclusivity and celebration.

Meanwhile, Julai, a Queer Pasifika artist from the southeastern suburbs of Naarm, represents their community and Pasifika identity with a direct and unapologetic approach to alternative/melodic rap. As a rising voice in the city’s underground queer scene, Julai exudes individuality, power, and strength through his expressive music and dynamic performances.

With an umami-rich sound that stimulates all the senses, Tinika brings ‘Old Money’ to the dancefloor like never before.


The All Star Community serves as a global network connecting All Stars to each other and to Converse via digital and physical brand experiences, commissioned brand work, and formal mentorship opportunities. Our community is a vibrant collective inclusive of emerging creatives from traditionally underrepresented communities across Style, Sport, Art, and Music related disciplines. Converse strives to support individual All Stars from underrepresented groups through dedicated funding and mentorship, to bolster their portfolios, connections and advance their creative careers. By funding these projects and supporting via mentorship, Converse aims to both break cultural barriers by creating more access to opportunity in the creative fields and to accelerate the individual impact of these All Star community members.

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