Watch RARIA perform 'Dude' Live at Enmore

RARIA Performs ‘Dude’ Live at Enmore


Melbourne-based pop singer-songwriter RARIA has made a splash in recent years, bursting onto the scene with a collection of singles that detail heartbreak in sometimes brutal detail.

Dude RARIA’s new single — continues the trend. And it was this track that she brought to the Live at Enmore studios.

Dude isn’t a doom and gloom story though. Filled with hooks and centred around RARIA’s powerhouse vocal performance, it’s an anthem that’s destined for the festival main stage.

Dude was Mixed and Recorded by Owen Penglis and Radi Safi. 


For the session, RARIA teamed up with guitarist Cam Nacson. And although the band was only a duo, they easily filled the space with an unmistakable vibe of melancholy tinged with euphoria.

Here’s what RARIA had to say about Dude:

“Dude was written at a time in my life when I was getting mixed signals from a guy that I was in a ‘situationship’ with.”

Check out the performance below:

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