RINSE Performs ‘Back Into Your Arms’ Live at Enmore



RINSE is the moniker of Brisbane solo artist Joe Agius. The multi-talented musician has been a long-time collaborator of Hatchie, both as a producer and video director.

The video for Back Into Your Arms is rich with goth-pop visual and sonic references, but this vision of the track was reimagined for Live at Enmore.

Featuring Hatchie and special guest Matt Mason of DMA’S on cello, the ’80s sheen of the original production gave way to a much more intimate interpretation of the song.

Back Into Your Arms was Mixed and Recorded by Dan Shaw and Radi Safi


The jangles of the chorus-soaked guitar were still present in the live version of Back Into Your Arms, but with a new acoustic identity. The vocals of RINSE and Hatchie were beautifully woven into the texture of Mason’s cello.

“I wrote the lyrics during quarantine lockdown,” says RINSE about Back Into Your Arms. “A lot of my friends were breaking up under the stresses of all that. And I know that inspired me to write the song, which is about whether or not being with each other, in each other’s arms, is enough to make something that’s really difficult work.”

Check out the performance below:


To find out more, head over to the RINSE website.

The Live at Enmore series is made possible with the help of our tech partner Audio-Technica. Here’s a list of the microphones that were used to capture this incredible performance:

Live at Enmore Gear List

The AE4100 is a reliable dynamic option for vocalists, but offers solid pop-protection and sensitivity, just the thing for a live vocal alongside a guitar.



The Audio-Technica AT4053b is perfect acoustic instruments, especially for when you need extreme rejection and high attention to detail.

at 4053b


The cello is a dynamic instrument with a complex envelope. The AE3000 had the sensitivity and finesse to capture the vitality of this acoustic instrument.