Romæo Performs ‘Good To Look At’ Live From Happy



Sydney producer and artist Romæo recently visited the Live from Happy studios. Travelling solo, she brought her as yet unreleased track Good To Look At. It’s set to appear on her new EP, BEAUTY (which is set for release on April 28).

In recent years, Romæo has made an impact on the local scene with her brooding electronic pop. Good To Look At is a more abrasive production, that leans on industrial and up-tempo drum ‘n’ bass influences.

Addressing the movement of aestheticism in art, its lyrical content is scornful and sardonic — but still crammed with memorable hooks.

Good To Look At was Mixed and Recorded by Dan Shaw and Owen Penglis. 

Romæo Live from Happy

Here’s what Romæo had to say about Good To Look At before taking to the stage:

“This particular song is a look at the artistic movement of aestheticism. I wanted to consider paintings and how these male painters said “we’re just painting things that are pleasing” and they all happened to be women. So I wanted to take back the narrative and look at it through the feminist lens.”

Check out the performance below:

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