SLIM JIMZ Performs ‘25’ Live From Happy


Hitting the studio at Noise Machines, SLIM JIMZ unleashed a mesmerising performance that left us craving for an encore. 

As a part of our Live From Happy series, their electrifying rendition of ’25’ effortlessly combines Aussie charm with a fiery rock ‘n’ roll spirit, creating an unforgettable soundscape that lingers long after the last note fades.  

The Live from Happy session was made possible by the invaluable support of Mode, whose evocative seltzers skillfully capture the essence of nostalgic moments, transporting you to cherished memories with every sip.

SLIM JIMZ live from happy

Hailing from Sydney, SLIM JIMZ is a five-piece psych rock band that exudes a distinct Aussie flavour. 

After a whirlwind tour across the country with South Summit, they return triumphantly with their latest single ’25.’ 

Check out the performance below:

Hot off lockdown, ’25’ captures the essence of feeling disconnected and craving something greater in life, and SLIM JIMZ’s impassioned delivery takes listeners on a journey through a gritty yet polished soundscape. 

Their unique fusion of Aussie charm and rock ‘n’ roll angst leaves a lasting impression, immersing audiences in the raw fervour of the burnt lands.

As part of our Live From Happy series, SLIM JIMZ’s powerful performance of ’25’ has been making waves and solidifying their position as an exciting force in the psych rock scene. 

With their infectious energy and captivating sound, SLIM JIMZ is undoubtedly a band to keep an eye on.

This track has been a sensation since its release, and it’s no surprise why.Keep your eyes and ears locked on SLIM JIMZ as they continue to leave their mark in the vibrant world of psych rock.

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