Snake Planet Performs ‘One Snake’ Live at Enmore


Want to kick off your 2022 with a safari? Join Snake Planet on a sonic odyssey in their instrumental epic, One Snake. 

The unnamed protagonists in this adventure dish up a smooth flavour of jazz, combined with new age elements, ASMR, and sounds of the jungle. Suffice it to say, One Snake will put you in a reflective mood.

Decked out in apparel fit for the savannah, this reptilian duo settled in for an epic session. They effortlessly crafted an atmosphere that’s perfect for contemplation and becoming one with nature.

Blind Spot was Mixed and Recorded by Owen Penglis and Radi Safi

Snake Planet

The identities of the cold-blooded creatures who make up the Snake Planet lineup will forever remain a mystery, which is just how they like it. But pianist — let’s just call them ‘Snake One’ — had this to say about One Snake:

One Snake is about one snake, but also about how we are all one snake. We’re a snake-positive band.”

Check out the performance below:

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