Stevan Performs ‘Hello Goodbye’ Live From Happy


Artist and producer Stevan swung by our studio, Noise Machines, for a killer performance of his single ‘Hello Goodbye’ for Live From Happy series.

‘Hello Goodbye’ is a brand new track from his EP, ‘Loner’s Club’ that he’s going to released on July 7th.

Lauten Audio’s support made this Live from Happy session possible, using their brilliant microphones including the LS-208 noise rejecting large diaphragm condensor that gets our vocals crystal clear in a live session.

Coming in with a new band, the trio led a very energetic performance of the single ‘Hello Goodbye’. You can catch Stevan at the Clearly  Music, Art and Wellness Festival in Dharawal Country/Kiama on November 11th.

Here’s what Stevan had to say about ‘Hello Goodbye’ before taking the stage:

“Thanks to Happy Mag for having me. This is a song I wrote about saying hello, and then having to say goodbye.

Hope you enjoy!”

Check out the performance below:

To find out more about Stevan head over to his Instagram.

To find out more about our sponsor please head to their website Lautenaudio.com