Sweetie Performs ‘Blind Spot’ Live at Enmore


Despite just kicking off their career, the buzz surrounding Sydney quartet Sweetie is palpable. Dishing up a brand of country-tinged garage rock and punk, coloured with lush harmonies and effortless pop hooks, their songs and live shows are damn near irresistible.

A large part of the interest surrounding the band is due to the new single, Blind Spot — this was the track they brought to the Live at Enmore studios.

The four-piece was supplemented with violin from Bronte Murray, which contributed its own unique charm to Blind Spot. But at its core, the song is brimming with hooks and has a chorus that will stick with you for a long time.

Blind Spot was Mixed and Recorded by Daniel Shaw and Radi Safi


The core lineup of the band features lead vocalist and guitarist Lily Keenan, lead guitarist Lucy Warriner, with bassist Janae Beer and drummer Rikki Clark holding down the grooves. Here’s what Keenan had to say about the track before the session:

Blind Spot is about getting completely cleaned up by heartbreak and not really seeing it coming. But the song is still uplifting for me. There’s a real feeling of catharsis in it.”

Check out the performance below:

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