Staying humble while absolutely killing it with Tai Verdes

tai verdes interview

Tai Verdes has released his latest single 100sadsongs and he’s managed to give a sad song a pretty uplifting vibe.

Tai Verdes is back with another single as he quietly takes over the music world. Big dreams look pretty good on this guy after he made his big break by posting a series of TikTok videos that went viral.

The 26-year-old rapper hailing from the West Coast of America has taken this chance to exhibit his unbelievable flow and writing abilities.

Since the world discovered this chart-topping sensation, Tai released his debut album TV, performed on Jimmy Kimmel and reached the #1 spot on Billboard’s Emerging Artist Chart. Tai said it best himself: “I love everything that’s happening. But this is not a one-song thing, this is a 10-album thing.”

I gotta be honest, I absolutely love to see an over-night-success (for lack of a better term) who is actually hella talented. Luckily for Aussie music fans, this US crowd-puller is heading down under to perform in Sydney and Melbourne next month.

We caught up with Tai and found out that he’s just about as smart, funny and charming as he is musically talented. I know, it seems unfair.

tai verdes 100sadsongs

HAPPY: So, what’s your new single 100sadsongs about?

TAI: It’s about getting away from everybody and just listening to and connecting with music. It’s something I’ve tended to do in my past and still continue to do sometimes, and I think a lot of people can relate to that.

HAPPY: What’s your favourite sad song, and what’s your 100th favourite sad song?

TAI: My favourite sad song is 715 – CR∑∑KS by Bon Iver… and then my hundredth favourite sad song is 715 – CR∑∑KS by Bon Iver because I’ve listened to that song over and over again. It’s probably my number one through number 100 favourite sad song.

HAPPY: Your upcoming album’s called HDTV. Are these songs the high-definition version of your first record TV?

TAI: I think it’s just a more in-depth look into my life because I don’t write things about things I haven’t experienced. In the more songs that I produce, the more I expose my life in HD.

HAPPY: Going with that TV theme, what shows have you been smashing lately?

TAI: I loved Invincible. I loved Ted Lasso. I loved… yeah, basically those two.

HAPPY: Obviously, your music is blowing up, but so is your TikTok. What’s your secret to nailing your social media presence?

TAI: The secret is to stop trying to nail your social media presence. Just post consistently and remember that you’re going to die someday, so none of it matters anyway.

HAPPY: A while back you were jumping on Omegle to play personal online sets. What was the funniest interaction you had on Omegle?

TAI: Funniest interaction, I don’t think there are any funny interactions on Omegle. I think they’re all weird, like, you can contact ANYbody and then you’re just video chatting with them?? This is a simulation, bro.

Tai Verdes 3 outfits

HAPPY: You’re about to perform on the grand finale of American Idol. Is it true that you were cut from the show when you tried out in previous years?

TAI: Cut from the show implies that I actually was *on* the show but in reality, there are open calls so anyone can go, and I never even got past the first round of open calls.

So yeah, I was cut but like, on a technicality and also… I was hot garbage when I tried out the first four times. After that, I had been practising every single day in my car for 90 min for 6 months before I even decided to make my music. And now, here we are.

HAPPY: What was your reaction when they asked you to perform on the show?

TAI: Wake up. It’s a simulation.

HAPPY: What are you looking forward to most while you’re here in Australia in July?

TAI: Anytime music brings me to new people and places, and you know, we can just have a good time and sing songs, it’s truly a blessing. I can’t wait to do that down under in Australia.


100sadsongs is out now.

Get tix to see Tai Verdes’ HDTV tour in Sydney and Melbourne.

Interviewed by Lochie Schuster

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