Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers Performs ‘Salt’ Live From Happy


In a recent installment of our Live From Happy series, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers graced us with a performance of their single, ‘Salt.’ 

Filmed and recorded in our very own Noise Machines studio, this talented pop punk band took the opportunity to showcase a track from their debut album, ‘I Love You.’

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teen jesus and the jean teasers

Canberra punk rock sweethearts Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers have recently released their debut album, ‘I Love You,’ which is now available worldwide through Domestic La La.

To celebrate this significant milestone, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers shared a live rendition of ‘Salt.’ An ode to being disappointed, so if you are ever feelings those feels, this is the perfect pop punk anthem to sing along too. Recorded in our Noise Machines studio, ‘Salt’ is a sweet taste of what ‘I Love You’ brings to the table.


The band’s combined musical talent is evident across the album’s 12 tracks, presenting four distinct styles united by their obvious mutual respect for each other’s craft, and imbued with a huge dose enthusiasm and  spirited collaboration.

Guided by producer Oscar Dawson, each member takes a turn at songwriting, seamlessly transitioning from their earlier intense releases to delve into softer, more emotionally resonant themes in tracks like ‘I Love You,’ ‘Salt’ (featuring The Grogans), and ‘Toe Bone.’ Nevertheless, they stay grounded in their punk rock origins with tracks like ‘I Don’t Want It,’ ‘Lights Out,’ and ‘Treat Me Better.’

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