The Terrys perform ‘Doctor Doctor’ Live From Happy


Surf rock band The Terrys recently visited the Live from Happy studios with their song Doctor Doctor. It’s the opening track on their debut album where they tried a few studio tricks (read: guitar amp VERY loud) to make it feel like you are sitting in a pub.

Their album ‘True Colour’ is a collection of surf rock anthems that was recorded on the surfy central coast with Jack Nigro (Skegss, DMA’S, Middle Kids).

Doctor Doctor was Mixed and Recorded by Tim McArtney, Owen Penglis and Radi Safi. 

This Live from Happy session was made possible by the generous support of ATEN and Mojave. ATEN provide innovative solutions for making better connections and Mojave make world class microphones that are affordable without compromise . In this session Happy utilised the indispensable ATEN UH3237 USB-C Docking Station and the Mojave MA-D Dynamic Handheld Microphone.

Coming in as a duo, Jake and Louis gave us a spirited performance with two electric guitars (turned up LOUD) and vocals. The album True Colour was released in early October and the Terrys are on a tour at the moment to support that.

Doctor Doctor is a cruisy head-nodding track that’s about strange things happening that you can’t put your finger on.

Here’s what The Terrys had to say about Doctor Doctor before taking to the stage:

“I guess Doctor Doctor is about strange things you can’t put your finger on. If it rhymes and it sounds good, that’s it. There’s not too much artistry going on in the Terrys — if it flows it goes!

Check out the performance below:

To find out more about The Terrys head over to their Instagram Page.

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