The Tin Knees Perform ‘Larrikin Necklace’ Live From Happy






Hailing from the eclectic musical landscape of Sydney, The Tin Knees recently graced our Noise Machines studio for a Live From Happy session.

The Tin Knees served up their latest track, ‘Larrikin Necklace,’ a raw exploration of self-love where life’s imperfections are proudly worn as jewellery.

Massive shout out to the best seltzers on the planet, Mode for making this session possible.

the tim knes live from happy

Originating from both the dusty plains of Dubbo and the coastal vibes of Wollongong, The Tin Knees infuse their sound with a fusion of synth-pop, surf rock, and jazz, and enough sax solo’s to satiate anyones saxy needs, all wrapped up in their signature boldness and cheekiness. 

Led by the charismatic Leonardo Sunshine on vocals and guitar, the band boasts a lineup featuring Genie Baby, Quinton Kiss, Dexter Sex, Coco Sugar, and Frankie Desire.

Delivering an unforgettable performance that showcased their distinctive blend of musical theatrics, the bands latest single ‘Larrikin Necklace,’ transcends the typical self-help anthem, offering a rebellious celebration of imperfections.

Let The Tin Knees be the soundtrack to your next existential get down – and let the catchy as hell tune take you away, reminding you that the best stories are often told with chipped teeth and a busted heart. 

Just be prepared for the glitter in your hair and a hangover of self-acceptance; blame it on The Tin Knees.

To find out more about The Tin Knees head over to their Instagram.

To find out more about our sponsor please head to their website Mode.