UNDERPROOF Northern Beaches returns on Saturday 8 May 2021 for an even bigger and better all ages, all inclusive event. For your chance to play, fill out the form below!



Last year we put on a sold out, 800 capacity show with 5 local bands and Hockey Dad. Soon we’ll be announcing the headliner for the next show on Saturday 8 May 2021!

Please note: All entrants are encouraged to watch the following UNDERPROOF Workshops, which were broadcast live from the Happy Mag Facebook page:

10th March: Booking, Performing and Getting Paid
24th March: Releasing and Promoting Independently – WATCH
7th April: Marketing 101: From Naming Your Band to Press Photos and Videos – WATCH
21st April: Demoing and Recording at Home – WATCH
5th May: Social Media and Band Awareness – WATCH
29th July: Under the Spotlight – WATCH
5th August: Working with Others – WATCH
12th August: Getting Physical – WATCH


Underproof 2020 Terms and conditions

1. As at 14 November 2020, all band members must be 12-25 years of age.
2. Bands cannot be signed to a record, publishing label or active management.
3. Performance time is strictly 30 minutes with a 15 minute changeover. Times may be altered if unforeseen situations arise.
4. All bands must be available to play the night of the Underproof show on 14 November 2020.
5. A vocal PA will be used at the show. Backline is to be organised between bands with the assistance of Happy Mag and the Northern Beaches Council.
6. All band members are encouraged to attend the Underproof mentoring sessions with Happy Mag. Due to the unfolding COVID-19 situation, bands are no longer required to attend all of these sessions.
7. Bands are required to assist in promoting the show as directed by the Northern Beaches Council and Happy Mag.
8. The decision of who plays the Underproof show is curated internally by Happy Mag and the Northern Beaches Council and not open to negotiation.
9. Bands must supply a line count and stage plot on request.
10. This is an “All Ages” alcohol and drug free event. Any performers found under the influence or in possession of alcohol or drugs in or near the performance venue will immediately forfeit their position on the lineup and performance fee. Bands are expected to tailor their performances appropriately for an all ages audience.
11. All bands must be at the venue by 5.00pm on the night of their show for briefing.
12. Due to the popularity of the contest and that it is sponsored by Northern Beaches Council, absolute preference is given to bands from the Northern Beaches region. Secondary preference goes to Northern Sydney region (Mosman, North Sydney, Ryde, Lane Cove, Ku-ring-gai, Hornsby, Hunters Hill & Willoughby). Other outside area bands will only be considered if available places are not taken up by bands from the Northern Beaches and Northern Sydney regions.
13. Organisers take no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged equipment. Do not leave any equipment unattended at any time.
14. Breaches in these conditions may result in a loss of position at the show and performance fee.
15. Participants indemnify Happy Mag, Northern Beaches Council and their agents for any actions, claims or demands of any kind resulting in personal injury, property loss or actions of band members. It is advised that the venue is covered under council public liability insurance coverage. Band members are advised to seek their own legal advice on their personal insurance requirements.
16. Bands and band members (and their parent/guardian if under 18 years) agree to allow information, photos and video taken at events to be used for advertising or promotional purposes.
17. All band members (and the parent/guardian of band members under 18 years) have read and understand the Underproof 2020 Terms & Conditions of Entry.
18. On the night of the Underproof show there will be a popular audience vote. Bands will receive $5 per vote as a performance fee.
19. Bands are invited to play the show based on their social media channels holding under 500 likes at time of booking. A callout will be placed on the Underproof event encouraging people to suggest their favourite Northern Beaches bands under 500 likes. Final lineup will be a well represented group of emerging artists, chosen by the Happy Mag editorial team and Northern Beaches Council based on who they believe will take strides in the next 6-12 months.
20. Bands who played Underproof 2019 cannot enter Underproof 2020.
Underproof is proudly sponsored and supported by Northern Beaches Council.