Wallace Performs ‘Orchid Care’ Live From Happy

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Future soul vocalist and songwriter Wallace recently visited the Live from Happy studios. She brought in a single released in March 2022 called Orchid Care.

Recorded and produced in London, Orchid Care is about Wallace’s guilt of not taking care of plants. She’s forgiven as she nourishes and cares for her career and stunning vocal.

Stripped back to acoustic guitar and her amazing vocal, Wallace swung by the Live From Happy studio to perform the single Orchid Care.

Orchid Care was Mixed and Recorded by Tim McArtney, Owen Penglis and Radi Safi. 

This Live from Happy session was made possible by the generous support of ATEN who provide innovative solutions for making better connections. In this session Happy utilised the indispensable ATEN UH3237 USB-C Docking Station.


orchid care

Wallace and her guitarist Daniel March performed a stunningly bare version of Orchid Care at the Happy Studios.

Here’s what Wallace had to say about Orchid Care before taking to the stage:

“It’s all about how I’m a terrible plant mother. No one should ever purchase me a plant, cos it will die and I will feel terrible about it!”

Check out the performance below:

For more on Wallace, head over to her Instagram.

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