Chill Vibes: Happy’s Winter Fashion Guide

happy winter fashion

It’s time to unleash your inner style maverick with Happy Mag’s winter fashion guide.

Tap into your inner fashion alchemist, and concoct a head-turning look with textures, patterns, and colours that defy convention. Forget blending in with the crowd – this winter is about being fashion-forward and functional.

Embrace your rebellious side with Happy Mag’s attitude, bidding adieu to mundane winter wear and saying hello to statement-making choices that scream fierce and unapologetic.

With Happy Mag’s winter fashion guide, you’ll turn heads and set trends wherever you go. Thrive in the cold weather with an edgy and fierce wardrobe that makes your mark as a fashion force to be reckoned with. It’s time to slay your winter fashion game like a boss. Are you ready?

winter fashion

Eat Dust

Eat Dust follows its own principles with unwavering conviction, prioritizing humility and responsibility. Their sister label, Girls of Dust, draws inspiration from skateboarding, punk rock, Western styles, and more.

Their designs are heavenly, or shall we say G.O.Dly! With an eclectic blend of influences, Eat Dust and Girls of Dust are carving their own unique path in the fashion world, setting themselves apart with their originality and distinct approach.


eat dust clothing




Huffer, the iconic streetwear brand, pushes boundaries with daring designs that embody urban culture. Drawing inspiration from their New Zealand heritage, they redefine winter streetwear with functional and stylish pieces.

From cozy outerwear to sleek designs, Huffer stays ahead of fashion trends with an unwavering commitment to innovation. Embracing the rugged landscapes and chilly climates of New Zealand, Huffer sets themselves apart as a trailblazer in the streetwear world, earning praise from trend-setters who appreciate their unique blend of style and functionality.






Nike’s latest sneaker and pant collection is a blazing example of their unwavering commitment to style and performance. Their innovative designs are a game-changer, offering the best of both worlds for those who demand both functionality and aesthetics.

With versatile hiking trousers made from lightweight, stretchy fabric, Nike has raised the bar for outdoor gear. These pants feature targeted abrasion resistance and cooling zones, drawing from athlete data for ultimate comfort on the trail. Nike’s relentless pursuit of excellence is evident in their unparalleled blend of fashion and function.


nike acg tech wear




HoMie’s origin story is one of curiosity, compassion, and a desire to challenge the stigma surrounding homelessness. What began as a simple Facebook page in 2015 has blossomed into a powerful force for change in the community.

From a humble retail pop-up with a singular monogram tee, HoMie has grown into a brand with year-round releases and impactful social programs that have supported over 1,500 young people.

Shopping with HoMie is not just about buying clothes – it’s about supporting their mission of aiding young people facing homelessness or hardship. HoMie’s evolution with purpose is awe-inspiring, and their impact speaks volumes.






Route 66

Where the Road and Riffs Collide. It’s not just a road, it’s a way of life, fueled by a deep passion for American roots music. From soulful pre-war blues to raw 60s garage rock, ROUTE 66 is a haven for lovers of authentic sound and style.

With carefully curated classic items that embody the spirit of Americana, this iconic store celebrates the past, present, and future, where music and style converge in perfect harmony.


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Merry People

Conquer the city’s unpredictable weather with our sleek and modern gumboots, crafted with 100% cruelty-free materials for guilt-free fashion. These vegan-friendly boots are designed to keep you dry and stylish, making them the ultimate wet-weather companion.

With their versatile and contemporary design, they effortlessly blend with your everyday wardrobe. Don’t settle for soggy feet – choose reliable and fashionable gumboots that align with your ethics. Upgrade your style game and face the city with confidence!