Yawdoesitall Performs ‘Switch’ Live From Happy





Yawdoesitall recently swung by our Noise Machines studio for an exclusive Live from Happy session.

Yaw hit us with the ‘Switch’ delivering a sweet chorus of harmony, and straight up R&B mood with nothing other than a synth.

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Yawdoesitall dropped by our Noise Machines studio for a Live from Happy session.

He brought ‘Switch’ to life, delivering a sweet chorus of harmony and a straightforward R&B vibe using just a synth.

Hailing from a Ghanian-Australian background, Yawdoesitall is making his mark with a distinctive sound that’s turning heads. 

Penned in lockdown, he was making five beats a day, which brought out something unique, 

Yawdoesitall is having a dream run, after recently dropping the sweet RnB jam ‘Love Honey’ and swooping a whole lotta fans in the process, not to mention his groundbreaking stint at this year’s BIGSOUND.

Wrap your good self in Yawdoesitall, as he showcases a promising trajectory, and keep an ear out for what he brings to the table next. It’s clear he’s carving out a unique space in the music scene.

Catch Yawdoesitall at his forthcoming show ‘I got bills to pay’ November 11th at the Botany View Hotel.

To find out more about Yawdoesitall head over to his Instagram.

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