Ziggy Ramo Performs ‘Pretty Ugly’ Live From Happy

Australian singer (and actor!) Ziggy Ramo swung by our studio, Noise Machines, for a stripped back performance of his single ‘Pretty Ugly‘ for our Live From Happy series.

It’s the opening track from his album ‘Sugar Coated Lies’ that was released in January this year, and he gave us a special first ever live performance with his friend, bandmate and collaborator, Vonn.

Lauten Audio’s support made this Live from Happy session possible using microphones like the LS-208 noise rejecting large diaphragm condenser.

Ziggy Ramo Live from happy

Stripping back this opening track of his album to just voices, piano and acoustic guitar, we were treated to a lush rendition of ‘Pretty Ugly’ that’s about Ziggy’s own struggles with self acceptance and his idea of body image.

Joined by his friend Vonn with stunning backing vocals and delicate piano — who’s an artist in her own right — they were just about to head off and perform at Sydney’s Vivid festival.

Here’s what Ziggy Ramo had to say about ‘Pretty Ugly’ before taking the stage:

“We are going to be playing Pretty Ugly, a song that I wrote in 2019 with the wonderful Mario Spate, and I worked on it with Lewis Mitchell and Vonn is on BVs and Piano.

Pretty personal song about my own experience with self acceptance, and struggling with that — and this is the first time we’re playing it live. We’re nervous and excited, and hope you enjoy it.”

Check out the performance below:

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