Arcade Stories’ newest single aims to normalise their indecisive nature

Arcade Stories

Arcade Stories have taken a deeper dive into the sound they’ve been waiting to create.

We caught up with Adam, the man behind the band to find out a bit what brought on the genre shift.



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HAPPY: A huge congrats on your latest track, Ashtray Bouquet! I love the juxtaposition of the single’s title, did anything inspire it?

ADAM: Thanks! When thinking of a title it was important to me to choose something unique. At the same time of finishing off the track, I was thinking of ideas for certain scenes for the music video. One of these scenes was having a bouquet of roses covered in ash, but it didn’t end up making the final storyboard for the video. The idea did however make the front cover! I liked the idea of Ashtray Bouquet as a title and how it combines something beautiful with something that’s not.

HAPPY: Ashtray Bouquet is probably your heaviest track so far, what compelled the shift in style?

ADAM: I did a bit of soul searching between releases. I didn’t want harsh vocals in my previous songs, even though the music almost called for it. I thought it was time to push forward with heavier guitars and vocals because I’ve always really enjoyed that style of music.

HAPPY: Is this a style/genre you’re looking to explore further?

ADAM: Definitely! I don’t think I’d go any heavier than the level of this release though. I’ll always try to keep the dynamics in the music too.

HAPPY: You said the lyrics are like “having a conversation with yourself, but you always cut yourself short”. That’s a really intriguing concept, what do you hope listeners get out of it?

ADAM: Hopefully, if they recognise the indecisive/pessimistic nature of it, they might see they’re not alone and it’s not foreign. Try not to hold yourself back!

HAPPY: The Lost & Wild Noir directed the music video, how was that experience?

ADAM: It was really good! We went through the ideas we both had for the video and he just made it happen. I was really happy with the drone shots, underwater shots, and the inside scenes after the copious amount of liquid we went through with the fog machine.

HAPPY: Where did you shoot outside?



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ADAM: The outside scenes were shot at Finch Hatton. I wasn’t able to attend due to my work schedule, but I was told it took a fairly long hike to get to those exact filming spots!

HAPPY: The video starts and ends with a huge jump into the river. Is there a meaning behind the full circle?

ADAM: Having the video start with the ending was an idea of Jake’s (the director). He told me about it one night over the phone before filming and I really liked it. The whole idea is almost like a cycle that could repeat indefinitely.

HAPPY: Do you have any gigs or upcoming music you’d like to plug for your fans?

ADAM: I live stream on the Arcade Stories Facebook page when time permits! Currently working out release details for a cover of a song, with a friend stepping in on vocals. After that, I’m looking at a 3 track EP. Also in the process of rehearsing a live set now, so watch this space!


Ashtray Bouquet is out now.

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Interview by Manning Patston