COIN are the charming kings of pop the industry was dying for

COIN interview

COIN have been releasing hit after hit and they honestly feel like the kind of band that only gets better.

COIN are really doing their own thing but the way they do it is so damn good that you simply cannot help but fall in love with them. It’s not long now until the legends endorsed by Sir Elton John himself will bless our sweet ears with their highly anticipated album, Uncanny Valley.

We caught up with these fellas to chat about the singles so far.

coin chapstick

HAPPY: Cutie is about different faces we put on during our digital and IRL lives. As someone who needs to have an admittedly very curated presence online, do you feel that line gets particularly blurry? How do you deal with that?

COIN: There is a time and place for curation, and there is a time and place for being open & honest. They’re both our “self” — neither more ‘real’ than the other. It’s not easy to find a healthy balance of when & when not to plug in. It does get blurry, but it’s freeing when we realize that all of these versions of us are just that – us.

HAPPY: Chapstick was also about the inhuman and the digital. Where did your fascination with that world begin?

COIN: About two years ago, we watched this documentary called “AlphaGo”. The idea that intuition could be calculated inspired me to think about the human experience from a different point of view. From there, I started to realize how binary I saw the world around me, just searching for the absolute. The push & pull of what defines ‘humanness’ kept us writing for two years straight.

HAPPY: On that, if COIN were to have their own slice of the metaverse, what would it look like?

COIN: Lush, green, & loving

HAPPY: Will you continue to build on this line of thought as the year goes on? What other adventures can we look forward to?



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COIN: The concept, in a way, found us — it provided us a device to unknowingly do emotional surgery on ourselves. I’ve found that writing from an outside perspective is the best distraction to find what’s hiding in your brain. This album isn’t a soapbox statement on technology & our dependence on it. Like most human works, Uncanny Valley is just asking ‘what is real?’ The pool goes as deep as you want, but it’s nice in the shallow end, too. Adventures coming soon? COIN LIVE IN AUSTRALIA!?!?!?

HAPPY: How does Uncanny Valley differ from your previous offerings?

COIN: This is our most direct piece of work yet. During the 2020 quarantine period, we played musical dress up with an EP series called “Rainbow Mixtape”. This expression was so cathartic & candidly, (even beyond the isolation) was needed for the future of our band. After taking this band gap year ‘abroad’, we found ourselves naturally coming back to the sights & sounds of what inspired us when we first became a band — we wanted to dream bigger & write clearer.


Uncanny Valley is out March 25 via 10K Projects / Virgin Music Australia.

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Interview by Chloe Maddren