Your sex and fitness questions, answered

Dear Happy: your sex and fitness questions, answered!

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As 2021 drew to a close, we asked you for any burning questions about sex and fitness. Here are the answers you’ve been waiting for.

Sex is a proven method for getting your heart rate up – with a partner or without. And why do we exercise? There are many reasons; health, mental wellbeing, self-discipline, the list goes on. Whatever your motivation, you’ll find few people arguing that it’s not nice to look great naked on top of all that good shit.

Fitness and sex are intertwined, two pillars that are central to our humanity. But they’re also confusing, and there’s a ton of misinformation out there. That’s a problem we’re here to solve.

Did you ever wonder if jerking off improves your fitness? Is it true that exercise is an aphrodisiac? Your burning questions will be answered in a special, probably NSFW section of Happy Mag’s upcoming Issue 16 called Dear Happy.

But before then, we’re sharing a taste of the prize. Here are a few of our favourite questions we received in Dear Happy, and of course, some answers for you horndogs.

Q: John Lennon used to say having sex uses the same amount of energy as going for a five-mile run, would there be any truth to this or was John just being a flirty mouth ?

A: The amount of calories you’re burning during any exercise varies depending on a great number of factors; how heavy you are, how fit you are, your age, how long you’re on the pump for, and more. But an answer is needed, dear reader, and we’re here to serve.

Research out of the University of Montreal suggests that healthy, young men and women will burn about 85kCal during an average sexy session, whereas running five miles will burn anywhere between 500-100kCal depending on your weight and fitness.

But there are sprints and then there are marathons. There’s really no evidence to suggest the famously flirty-mouthed John Lennon wasn’t shagging for unspeakably long periods of time at once – and we’re inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt here. With the right attitude, yes, sex could burn as many calories as a five-mile run.

Like a five-mile run, however, you’ll want to work yourself up with the appropriate, err, training. Walk up a hill before climbing Everest, and all that.

Q: What is the best solo toy to have a true, female orgasm?

A: Now this isn’t strictly a fitness-related question, but as we’ve just learned, any sexual activity that’s intense enough can get the heart pumping and the calories burning – not to mention a range of other health benefits. In the words of sexologist and scientist Chantelle Otten:

“Orgasm releases a bunch of feel-good endorphins that help us sleep better, which in turn strengthens our immune system, sharpen our cognition and lower our stress levels”

Sex toys themselves are an amazing way to learn more about your body, but the truth is there’s no single solution for having a true female orgasm. If you’re playing solo, a wonderful place to start is with a tried and tested classic: the vibrator. More specifically, rabbit vibrators have proved especially popular since they first appeared on Sex in the City, and are still used by millions of women today.

Many women and female-identifying people have found their own, unique ways to achieve an orgasm – many find it very easy, while others can find it nearly impossible. If experimenting with different sex toys isn’t getting you where you need to go, we’d recommend reaching out to a sex therapist, who are wonderful people ready to help you solve any sexual challenges you may be experiencing.

Q: Do ultra-fit people have some kind of special, ultra-fit sex?

A: Look, it’s hard to look at some people and not think about the kind of sex they could be having. Whether it’s an Olympic gymnast, David who runs marathons like he’s getting paid, or your friend’s mum who puts more kilometres on her push bike than her Land Cruiser, humans are naturally inclined to wonder about the things we don’t ourselves experience.

What is categorically true is that the fitter you are, the longer you can sustain any kind of cardiovascular activity – including sex. Things fitness cannot control, however, are how long it may take a person to orgasm or what turns them on in the bedroom.

Though more research needs to be done in the area, some studies have even suggested that people (especially men) who train at the highest levels of intensity actually report a slightly decreased libido than their more inanimate counterparts.

So in answer to your question, yes, there are surely people out there who can have mind-blowing, high-intensity sex for hours and hours at a time. But great sex is more accessible than many people think – it’s there for the fit and unfit alike, depending on the myriad of factors that can turn us on and get us off.

Exploration and communication with your partners will get you further than a low BMI ever will!



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