Dear Happy: your sex and fitness questions, answered!

Doctor V Karma Karma sex and fitness

Got a hot question about sex or fitness? We’re ready and waiting to serve you the answers you’ve been craving.

Sex is a proven method for getting your heart rate up – with a partner or without. And why do we exercise? There are many reasons; health, mental wellbeing, self-discipline, the list goes on. Whatever your motivation, you’ll find few people arguing that it’s not nice to look great naked on top of all that good shit.

Fitness and sex are intertwined, two pillars that are central to our humanity. But they’re also confusing, and there’s a ton of misinformation out there. That’s a problem we’re here to solve.

Did you ever wonder if jerking off improves your fitness? Or if ultra-fit people have some kind of special, ultra-fit sex? Is it true that exercise is an aphrodisiac? Your burning questions will be answered in a special, probably NSFW section of Happy Mag’s upcoming Issue 16 called Dear Happy.

And the cherry on top? One lucky questioner will receive a case of Karma Karma, an all-natural energy drink containing Damiana, a Mexican aphrodisiac. Please note: only Australian residents will be eligible for the prize.

You ask, we will answer. Give us your questions below – and don’t hold back.

(Entrants will only be contacted if they win the case of Karma Karma)

This sexy little article was brought to you in partnership with Doctor V energy drinks, supporting women and their libidos with a little help from Karma Karma, the ultimate aphrodisiac drink with roots from Mexico.