Déjà Miru Performs ‘Pray’ Live From Happy


Déjà Miru recently joined us for a Live From Happy session, delivering a stunning rendition of his latest single, “Pray,” straight from our in-house Noise Machines studio. 

The Live from Happy session was made possible by the invaluable support of 13cabs. 

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deja miru

With a full band in tow and a backup singer who has clearly perfected the art of harmonising, Déjà Miru and his crew not only brought it, but smashed it out of the park with a captivating performance of ‘Pray.’

The easy rapport between Déjà Miru and his ensemble created an environment where the music simply spoke for itself. There was an effortless flow to their performance, that took our breath away.

“Pray” emerged from a period of lockdown reflection, carrying a message of taking a moment to pause and contemplate. The lyrics are deeply personal, yet universally relatable.

Déjà Miru has been steadily gaining recognition in the local scene, and ‘Pray’ solidifies his standing among the impressive talents coming out of Sydney.

From his debut lead single, ‘Grounded,’ featuring  Gabby Nacua, to his fresh take on Billymaree’s ‘Sensitive,’ Déjà Miru has shown a knack for infusing his unique touch into established tracks.

“Pray” marks a departure into more intimate territory, but the artist’s aim to create music that speaks to a broad audience is crystal clear.

Déjà Miru’s performance of “Pray” not only showcased his vocal prowess but also invited us into a moment of quiet contemplation. It was an experience that went beyond entertainment, offering a glimpse into the artist’s soul and prompting us to embark on our own journey of introspection.

Through “Pray,” Déjà Miru gently reminds us of the deep connection that music can foster, leaving a tranquil imprint on our hearts.

To find out more about Déjà Miru head over to his Instagram.

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