Flowerkid talks new single ‘Diss and Disappoint’, reality tv, and being a “voice for people who haven’t found theirs yet”

Fresh off the release of his first solo material since 2021, we caught up with Western Sydney prodigy flowerkid for a run through of his new single, upcoming projects and the importance of “accepting things for what they are.”  

Earlier this month, flowerkid released his first new music of 2023 — a charged-up pop single titled Diss and Disappoint. The track was written and produced with Alex Hope, and sees the Western Sydney singer recount a fraught experience with an ex-partner who merely “disses and disappoints” him. In amongst the lovelorn and emotionally centred lyrics is an infinitely catchy chorus that’s bound for boisterous singalongs. 

Diss And Disappoint is a song about a special person in your life becoming somebody else,” flowerkid — known off stage as Flynn Sant — said of the single in a press statement. “The little things that made you fall for them in the first place, have slowly evaporated into thin air. They become someone that you no longer respect.” It’s the kind of intimate lyricism we first heard on everyone has a breaking point, flowerkid’s self-written debut EP which arrived in 2021 and spawned the singles miss andry and the KUČKA-assisted it’s happening again.

Flowerkid 'Diss and Disappoint' single interview

In celebration of his long-awaited return with Diss and Disappoint, Happy Mag caught up with flowerkid for a chat on all things diss and disappoint, reality television, and his aspirations in becoming “a voice for people who haven’t found theirs yet.” Catch our full interview with flowerkid below, and keep an eye out for the musician’s forthcoming debut album due out soon. 

HAPPY: What are you up to today? 

FLOWERKID: Watching ‘Married At First Sight’ with my mum <3 

HAPPY: Can you tell us a bit about where you live, and what you love or don’t love about it? 

FLOWERKID: I live in the Newcastle area. I like how laid back and chill everyone seems to be here :) 

HAPPY:Tell us about your average day. 

FLOWERKID: Producing and writing music, drinking way too much coke and cuddling my cats. 


HAPPY: What about your ultimate day? 

FLOWERKID: Going into the studio and writing with other amazing musicians and writers. 

HAPPY: Tell us about your creative community. 

FLOWERKID: I share a great bond with many musicians that have grown to be my good friends. We all accept and appreciate each other and what we do. 

HAPPY: What did you read or watch growing up that fuelled your passion for storytelling? 

FLOWERKID: My all time favourite movie growing up was ‘The Neverending Story’. I loved that it transported my brain to another place during difficult times in my life, and it gave me hope watching the protagonist go on such a crazy and challenging journey just to help others. 

HAPPY: What did you read or watch last that opened your eyes and mind to a new perspective?  

FLOWERKID: Definitely the film ‘Inception’. It explored people’s unique perception of reality and how much that varies from person to person. 

HAPPY: Could you tell us about your creative process when it comes to writing and recording music? 

FLOWERKID: I don’t usually have a blueprint when making music. Sometimes I produce the music first and then write to it, but other times I have the lyrics first and then produce around it. Basically whatever i’m feeling that day! 


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HAPPY: Do you have any gear that you rely on? 

FLOWERKID: My trusty Yamaha headphones. They take me to another dimension when listening to music. (Please sponsor me, thank you.) 

HAPPY: Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your latest single Diss and Disappoint and the story behind the lyrics? 

FLOWERKID: A relationship fizzled out and I found myself being disappointed in their actions and behaviour after the breakup when I had hoped for a peaceful parting. 

Flowerkid live

HAPPY: What was it like working with producer Alex Hope on Diss and Disappoint and how did that collaboration come about? 

FLOWERKID: Alex is an absolute genius to work with! We managed to tee up a session during my time in the US and instantly we were connected. So we then scheduled an entire week at their home studio in Nashville, Tennessee. They truly inspired me to let go and explore worlds in music that I hadn’t before and that’s how ‘Diss and Disappoint’ was born. 

HAPPY: Your music has been described as thought-provoking and intimate, weaving personal experiences into your songs. How important is it for you to share your own stories through your music? 

FLOWERKID: It is so important to me to be able to say things through music that are hard to say outloud in conversation. I always hope that it can help people through their difficult times and to let them know that they are not alone. 

Flowerkid Happy Mag interview

HAPPY: You have received acclaim from various sources such as triple j, BBC Radio 1, and Billboard. How do you handle the pressure of expectations and success at a young age? 

FLOWERKID: I do find the pressure hard at times. I have struggled with mental health for a long time, and that tends to amplify my insecurities. But when I feel lost in these feelings, I tend to ground myself through seeing family and friends. Wouldn’t be anywhere without them. 

HAPPY: Can you talk about your growth as an artist since your earlier releases and how you have evolved your sound and style? 

FLOWERKID: Alot of my songs in the beginning of becoming an artist leaned more into anger and deep rooted problems that I hadn’t come to terms with yet. But now I have grown to accept these things in my past which is an important part of the healing process. 


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HAPPY: Your debut album is highly anticipated. Can you share any insights or teasers about what fans can expect from it thematically or musically? 

FLOWERKID: Thematically, the songs are leaning into the feeling of letting go and accepting things for what they are. As much as the album still has themes of darkness, fans will be able to hear the light that I have harvested from these situations. I’m really looking forward to people hearing it! 

HAPPY: As an artist who is still healing and growing, what are your hopes and aspirations for the future of your music career? 

FLOWERKID: As I said from the very beginning of making music, I just want to help as many people as I can. I aspire to be a voice for people who haven’t found theirs yet. 

HAPPY: And lastly, what makes you happy? 

FLOWERKID: Making others happy and seeing people grow into their true selves.