Flowerkid interview: UK pubs, Hannah Montana, and brand new music

Flowerkid on living out his ‘Hannah Montana’ fantasy and playing sold out stages around the globe


Western Sydney-born teen sensation flowerkid has been winning hearts for years, earning plenty of critical acclaim along the way.

Since his first single back in 2018, Flynn Sant AKA flowerkid has been using music to “vocalise his experience in understanding that he was trans”. Four years later and he’s built a huge following and spent months touring in the US and UK.

After spending a bit of time overseas, flowerkid is returning home for a few festival spots including Splendour in the Grass and intimate gigs at Northcote Social Club in Melbourne and Mary’s Underground in Sydney.

We caught up with Flynn ahead of his upcoming shows to chat about his new material, hitting up plenty of pubs in the UK, and living out his Hannah Montana fantasy.

Flowerkid live

HAPPY: I read you started playing music when you were gifted a Yamaha keyboard from your Aunt. How quickly did you realise that music something you wanted to pursue?

FLOWERKID: As a kid I always dreamt of being on stage and performing, but I never thought it could become a reality. It was in 2018 after I had created my first couple of songs that I realised what I could do and the people I could help, and that was when I decided that I wanted to pursue music as a career.

HAPPY: You were recently in the US and now you’re in the UK, what’s your experience with international touring been?

FLOWERKID: It’s been great honestly! Seeing different audiences and getting to connect with people is incredible. I’ve experienced many first times, a couple of people even asked for me to sign an autograph which made me feel my Hannah Montana fantasy!

HAPPY: What have you been getting up to while you’ve been in England?

FLOWERKID: I’ve been really busy with performances which has been a blast, I met so many people and talented artists that I had only interacted with online which was an amazing experience for me. Other than that i’ve just been going to every pub under the sun!

HAPPY: You’re playing Splendour in July, have you got any new music you’re going to play during your set?

FLOWERKID: I’m not sure yet! We are still working on bits and pieces but I hope so.

HAPPY: Which other artists are you keen to catch while you’re at Splendour?

FLOWERKID: Kacey Musgraves, MAY-A, George Alice, Genesis, The Buoys, Cub Sport, DMAs, and so many more!

Flowerkid 2022

HAPPY: You also have a couple of shows coming up at more intimate venues, do you prefer festival shows or do you like connecting with a smaller crowd?

FLOWERKID: Both in different ways; I love the intimacy of performing with a small crowd, but I love the high energy of a festival!

HAPPY: I loved the episode you did with The Sound on ABC, how much creative input did you have on the clip? And what was the inspiration behind the visuals?

FLOWERKID: I did have some creative input for The Sound. Like the fog, the gorgeous choir, and my outfit (with help from my beautiful stylist Kurt <3). But I had an amazing team with me who helped with everything involved. A huge shoutout to Mushroom Creative House for helping me realise this vision.

HAPPY: You said that the content of your last album was bottled up inside you your entire life. If you’re working on any new music, how would you describe it?

FLOWERKID: In a way, the new music is an extension of how my life has changed after a bunch of things i’ve experienced; my psychosis, a serious breakup, my mum moving away, which all made me think, am I blossoming or wilting? Am I growing? I would say it’s very ‘coming of age’.

HAPPY: We’re so keen to hear it. Thanks so much for chatting!

FLOWERKID: Thanks so much for having me!

Flowerkid is set to play shows at Northcote Social Club on the 18th of June and Mary’s Underground on the 23rd. You can grab tickets for the upcoming shows here.

You can listen to more from flowerkid below.

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Interview by Lochie Schuster