Announcing Happy Mag Issue 15: The Gaming Issue

Introducing Happy Mag Issue 15, our inaugural Gaming Issue. Since launching Happy Mag’s gaming channel Clocked in March 2020, the editorial team has taken great pleasure in marrying the worlds of music and video games – two passions of our own and the world at large.

That union is what Issue 15 is all about.


Issue 15’s cover interview is with a musical giant of the gaming industry, Ivan Pavlovich. As the longstanding Music Director at Rockstar Games he’s been responsible for the tunes you’ve heard in every Grand Theft Auto instalment since Grand Theft Auto 3, plus Red Dead Redemption 1 and 2, Smuggler’s Run, the Max Payne franchise, and more.

Speaking at length, Ivan chats us through what makes his job so special, recent collaborations with the likes of Julian Casablancas and Flying Lotus on GTA Online’s biggest ever update The Cayo Perico Heist, and much more.

Issue 15 also features artists Australian artists Montaigne, Woodes, and Roy Molloy discussing the world of video game streaming, Overwatch composer Adam Burgess sharing his creative process, and Robin Arnott talking about his creation Soundself – a video game that can make you feel as if you’re tripping on magic mushrooms.

But that’s not all – pick up Happy Mag Issue 15 and you’ll find a comic by Samuel McEwen, photography series by Jeff Andersen Jnr. and Dave Carswell, an interview with graffiti artist Scott Marsh, some choice words from musical industry legends Bob Geldof and Bernard Zuel, and heaps more.

Happy Mag Issue 15 is out now. Grab your copy here.