Soulful sounds and collaborative creativity: An Interview with R&B pop artist Anirban Jee

anirban jee

Australian R&B pop artist Anirban Jee discusses his creative process, musical influences, and the inspiration behind his latest single “You On My Side.

Anirban Jee is an Australian R&B pop artist whose soulful and sophisticated exploration of human connection is a testament to his growth as an artist and songwriter.

Throughout his career, he has won numerous accolades and music awards in the industry. His success is apparent with numerous airplays in commercial FM and AMRAP radio stations. In an interview with Happy Magazine, Anirban discusses his creative community, his inspirations for his latest single “You On My Side,” his creative process, and his approach to writing music.

Anirban’s music has been described as having a retro influence, which is not surprising, given that he grew up in the 90s. However, he is open to new sounds and would love to collaborate with other artists if there is a creative compatibility and an egoless collaborative spirit.

Anirban’s lyrics often explore themes of love and emotional intimacy, and his approach is to bring fresh perspectives to these well-worn themes. He wants his music to emotionally connect with his audience and be relatable. Anirban’s vocal style is suitable for Soul/Rnb type of songs, but he is open to challenges to sing other genres and diversify. He has recently worked with many sought-after music producers, including Simon Cohen, Steve Peach, Adrian Hannan, and Sven.

anirban jee

Happy: What are you up to today?

Anirban: Well every day is unique and won’t repeat again and will never come again in our lives. I take life one day at a time. I’m happy being alive and want to play more music and touch people’s hearts.

Happy: Tell us about your suburb, what do you love/not love about where you live?

Anirban: I live in the leafy suburb of Narrabundah in Canberra. It’s nice and quiet but that means my keyboard will sound louder to my neighbours!! :-)) Love the sunrise from my balcony.

Happy: Describe your average work day. 

Anirban: 9 to 5pm then back to music and completing unfinished songs ! I try to maintain a work music balance which keeps me going.

Happy: What about your ultimate day?

Anirban: Ultimate day is when Im happy with a song and its completed!! 

Happy: What did you read or listen to growing up that has influenced your music?

Anirban: I’ve lived in Thailand, India, Australia and travelled to more than 26 countries during my work life. 

I always try to find and explore local music and its ingredients which keeps me intrigued.

Growing up in the 90s does have an influence in terms of songwriting but I have been listening to many genres and hit songs over the years until current day to understand listener’s psychology, identify elements of a hit song and explore social networking. 

I read books on songwriting and try to experiment with non-standard chords and use them in my songs.

Happy: Tell us about your creative community.

Anirban: My creative community consists of producers whom I collaborate with for my releases. 

My online audience loves my music and appreciates me letting them know about my releases and my artistic journey. 

I want my song to be more popular than me! That’s my success parameter.

Happy: What inspired you to write “You On My Side”?

Anirban: True Love is an elusive thing for many. But when one experiences it then all complaints melt away. 

You On My Side portrays the fulfilment and celebration of finally meeting the love of one’s life who believes in them and remains on their side through the ups and downs in life. 

It is a tribute to every person’s journey to find the love of their life.

Anirban Jee

Happy: Can you talk about your creative process for this song? How do you approach writing and recording music?

Anirban: I completed the chorus first as I found that the short phrases had an unique energy and sonic appeal. 

Based on the chorus and its theme, I wrote the verses. The bridge is a lifelong emotional commitment and I loved singing the melodic rap portion at the end. 

I usually complete the full song and its chords and do a home recording. Once I’m happy then I approach the producer to take it further. 

Happy: Your music has been described as having a retro influence. Can you talk about your musical influences and how they shape your sound?

Anirban: Growing up in the 90s does have its impact but those hits are still on air waves. 

I’m open to new sounds and would love to co-write or feature artists on my songs if such a collaboration offer comes to me in the near future. But there has to be a creative compatibility and an egoless collaborative spirit. It takes two to Tango !!

Happy: Your lyrics often explore themes of love and emotional intimacy. Can you discuss your approach to writing about these subjects?

Anirban: Love is quite a popular theme to write songs on. However, there is a risk of falling into a very large cohort of love songs. Its a challenge to bring out fresh perspectives in songs themed on love and intimacy. For me, a melody has to stand out in a love song and at the same time should emotionally connect to the audience  and be relatable.

Happy: How have your experiences and personal life influenced your music and songwriting?

Anirban: I avoid writing personal songs as being a songwriter I should be versatile enough to write for other artists and on various  human emotions as and when needed. 

Sometimes I imagine life stories and write on them just to challenge myself.

Happy: Can you talk about your vocal style and how you developed it?

Anirban: I have taken vocal coaching from professionals and have honed my vocal skills every time I play my keyboard at home and also by singing cover songs. My vocals are suitable for Soul/Rnb type of songs. But I’m happy to be challenged to sing other genres and diversify.

Happy: Can you discuss any collaborations you have done or would like to do in the future?

Anirban: I have recently worked with many sought-after music producers such as Simon Cohen (Will.I.Am, Guy Sebastian, Vera Blue, Thelma Plum), Steve Peach (Icehouse, Marcia Hines, Stafford Brothers, The Voice Contestants, Choirboys, Fabrice (Milli Vanilli), Sophie Monk), Adrian Hannan (Delta Goodrem, Gabriella Cilmi, Taxi Ride, The Androids), Sven Tydeman (Josh Pyke, Tina Cousins, Candice Alley), and my songwriting has generated numerous radio plays spanning both commercial and community radio stations across Australia. 

Happy: What advice would you give to aspiring artists trying to break into the music industry?

Anirban: Be original. Focus on making a bulletproof product and make sure it’s marketed through the right channels. 

Be humble and know that there is always someone better than you around the corner. 

So keep improving your songwriting skills and learn music theory as much as possible. 

Happy: Can you talk about any upcoming projects or plans for the future?

Anirban: After my current release, I have a second track in the pipeline. The song is complete and awaiting production. I’m focusing on singles at the moment.

In my view, less is more when tens of thousands songs are added each day to Spotify! A ‘quality over quantity’ mindset is what I believe as an independent artist.

Happy: Lastly, what makes you happy?

Anirban: Happiness is transient but necessary. Music can convert this happiness to bliss which I thoroughly enjoy. Music makes me happiest and nourishes my soul.

Listen to Anirban Jee here.