“You On My Side”: Anirban Jee’s Soulful Tribute to Love and Intimacy

Anirban Jee’s soulful and sophisticated exploration of human connection is a testament to Anirban Jee’s growth as an artist and songwriter.

The retro influence in the production of the track gives it a bit of an introspective 90’s pop essence, which feels fresh and unique while having that backbone of classic R&B. Anirban’s songwriting skills are evident in this track, the emotion he conveys is palpable, and draws clear relation to his numerous accolades and music awards in the industry throughout his career.

His success as an Australian R&B pop artist is apparent, with numerous airplays in commercial FM and AMRAP radio stations. He has consistently released music that has generated positive and exciting reviews on online music magazines such as GongScene, Vents Magazine, Around the Sound, BMA Magazine, and more.

Anirban Jee

But what sets “You On My Side” apart is its universal theme of love and emotional intimacy, and Anirban Jee’s approach to this subject matter is both personal and relatable. Jee comments that “The song…portrays the fulfillment and celebration of finally meeting the love of one’s life who believes in them and remains on their side through the ups and downs in life. It is a tribute to the journey of every person finding the love of their life.”

The catchy lyricism of “You on My Side” beautifully reinforces the desire of meaning within a relationship. There is an essence of climactic realisation throughout the track of the value of deep connection. The vocal performance of Anirban Jee augments this message, the rising melodies feeling reminiscing of a desperation to be known and heard. 

“You On My Side” is a beautiful reminder of the power of love, and the importance of finding someone who believes in you and supports you through thick and thin. It’s a message that resonates with those  who have gone through the ups and downs of life and have come out the other side.

“You On My Side” is a great addition to Anirban Jee’s already impressive catalogue. With his strong vocals, catchy lyrics, and unique production style, he has crafted a song that will stand the test of time. It’s a song that reminds us of the importance of love and the power it has to transform our lives.