happy mag interview with Arig

ARIG delves into the chaos of healing with “RECKLESS”

ARIG, the Eora/Sydney-based artist, swung by Happy Mag for a chat about life and music.

Fresh from dropping her latest EP “RECKLESS,” she’s prepping for an intimate live gig at The Dock on Feb 18, with more dates on the horizon.

“RECKLESS” takes you on a raw and personal journey, seamlessly blending high-bravado hip-hop with touching ballads, radiant pop, alt-R&B, and neo-soul.

The six-track ride, featuring hits like ‘His Nation’ and ‘Pop Off,’ showcases ARIG’s wide-ranging artistic prowess.

The track ‘Lambos In Logan,’ though initially sounding like a diss, is a peek into ARIG’s struggle with low self-worth. Her vulnerability shines through as she reflects on self-hatred, admitting, “Being gentle with myself wasn’t a skill I had even considered mastering.”

Crafted during what ARIG calls “the most reckless period of my life,” the EP mirrors the chaos of healing. From the heart-wrenching ‘Freedom’ to the conflicted ‘Goodness Gracious’ and the breathless ‘Intoxicated,’ the second half marks a bold shift.

ARIG’s sonic diversity, backed by production from Harry Fox and Magnus Murphy, captures the nuance of rediscovery and reclaiming control. “RECKLESS” follows her acclaimed debut EP “Attrition,” portraying a messy chameleon’s journey through childhood struggles and finding peace in reclaiming her narrative.

Beyond the beats, ARIG’s activism and community engagement deepen her artistry. Raised in a challenging environment, she draws inspiration from personal struggles, using her voice for those facing disadvantages.

Building on the success of previous singles, ARIG solidifies her spot as a confident yet genuinely vulnerable artist.

Her unique sound, influenced by a mix of genres, reflects her commitment to authenticity and storytelling.

Stay connected with Arig via Instagram.

Cheers to tixel for making this interview possible.