Chiara Christo gets candid about ‘Thinking Of Me’

Chiara Christo
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Chiara Christo is an artist bursting with delicious melodies and lyrical hooks that will leave you captivated.

Chiara Christo is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from the vibrant streets of Melbourne. Beginning her music journey at the age of just three, she has flourished into an artist with a knack for stunning melodies and angelic tones, which is a reflection of her love for Pop and RnB.

Chiara conveys soul and meaning throughout her work with the intent to relate and connect with her audience, with the latest glistening example of her work being Thinking Of Me. The track features her stunning vocals and bright melodies that completely engulf you from the first note, leaving you mesmerised.

Here at Happy we got the opportunity to have a chat with Chiara Christo about her musical journey, her songwriting approach, and how you should be your own biggest fan!

Chiara Christo
Credit: Press

HAPPY: What was the exact moment you fell in love with music?

CHIARA: Music has always been something I couldn’t be without. I honestly could not name a time where I wasn’t in love with Music, it’s always been a part of me. When I was around 6 years old, I performed Umbrella at a music concert my primary school held. I thoroughly recall, the moment I sang the first line, watching the audience’s faces brighten, I knew in that moment, at that age, music was my calling.

HAPPY: You started playing music at a very young age, how old were you when you wrote your first song, and do you remember what you wrote it about?

CHIARA: One of the first songs I can remember writing – I was around 6 years old. I had written about animals and how we are destroying our environment through our habits and behaviours. It was called Destroying Nature. Pretty deep for a 6-year old.


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HAPPY: You have an amazing sound that is so captivating to listen to, and is influenced by your love for Pop and RnB. What artists influenced you, and what made you decide to not box yourself into one category, but rather blend the two together?

CHIARA: Thank you! I would describe my artistry as [a] mix between RnB and Pop as I love rhythmic,  smooth, moody and soulful tones. However, I’m all for a catchy and uptempo beat. Evident throughout my music, I love mixing the two styles together to create a unique sound that I believe differentiates me from other artists and can call my own. Artists that have heavily influenced my music would be; The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, Jorja Smith, Jhene Aiko, Kelani  & Drake. I admire each individual style and take components from each to create my own sound and it reflects in my work.

HAPPY: I would love to hear more about the initial demo for Thinking Of Me. It originally started off as a more melancholic track which you then reworked, giving it a  lighter spin to it. What made you decide to change the direction of the track?

CHIARA: The initial demo of Thinking Of Me was written and recorded when I was in a darker place mentally. Recording the song in the studio, helped me realise that I have healed and grown immensely since I first began writing the song. I loved the lyrics,  however, the direction of the song just didn’t match the person I am today. Still exploring my heartbreak journey and self-reflection through lyricism, the sense of letting it go intertwines through an uptempo and feel-good beat. I felt this was the perfect way to depict my way of processing pain. 

Chiara Christo
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HAPPY: You are very engaging and vulnerable in your tracks, is this something that came naturally to you, or was it a style that you worked on achieving?

CHIARA: I believe it is something that naturally occurs as my work is derived from personal experiences, past relationships/friendships, heartbreak and healing – which many relate to.  Forming a special trust with my listeners as they feel heard and understood, leaving room for vulnerability and a sense of belonging.

HAPPY: What has been one thing you have learned about yourself during the process of songwriting and recording?

CHIARA: I am my biggest supporter and believing in yourself is crucial for success. If I don’t cheer for myself, no one will. It’s amazing to have people behind you but I’ve learnt you can’t rely on other people’s support, as it often it leads to disappointment and unfulfillment. I started to recognise what I’m capable of and believe I was great at what I do. To me, that’s more important than anyone’s voice or opinion. Self-sabotaging is real! If I didn’t believe I could do it, then who would?  


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HAPPY: What is one tip, or piece of advice, that you would have liked to know about songwriting in your early stages of becoming an artist?

CHIARA: Be as real and raw as possible. Don’t hold back and don’t be afraid to write what you feel,  not what you think others would want to hear. Be vulnerable! You would be surprised how many people will relate and feel the exact same as you do. 

HAPPY: What does 2023 have in store for you? Any hints you gave us about what might be in the pipelines?

CHIARA: A lot of exciting things coming in 2023. More original music is one of them! That’s all I  can say for now…

Stream Thinking Of Me via Spotify below.

Interviewed by Laura Hughes

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