holy holy

Tim Carroll and Oscar Dawson, the driving forces behind Holy Holy, recently sat down with Happy to discuss their album, “Cellophane.”

Marking a significant departure for the band, “Cellophane” showcases Holy Holy at their most eclectic, with an array of cross-genre guest artists joining the fray.

From Australia’s own Tasman Keith to international talents like Bag Raiders, Kwame, Medhanit, Sumner, Darcie Haven, Tia Carys from the UK, and Many Voices Speak from Sweden, the album presents a diverse ensemble that defies easy categorisation.

Carroll and Dawson’s impact on the Australian music scene extends beyond their own artistry. They’ve demonstrated a genuine commitment to fostering emerging talent, providing opportunities for up-and-coming artists to shine. This ethos is evident in the array of guest spots and tour supports they’ve extended to rising stars like Clews, Queen P, Kwame, and Medhanit.

Oscar Dawson’s influence also extends to his role as a sought-after producer and songwriter in Australia. Operating from his studio in semi-rural Victoria, he has collaborated with a wide range of artists, including Amy Shark, The Buoys, Gordi, Alex Leahy, Eliza and the Delusionals, Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers, Ali Barter, and many more.

holy holy

Holy Holy, have not only redefined their own musical landscape with “Cellophane” but have also continued their legacy of supporting and elevating emerging artists within the Australian music community.

The album itself stands as a testament to their willingness to explore new sonic frontiers, inviting listeners to embark on a genre-defying journey.

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