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From Abbey Road to Nashville, unravel the ‘The Art of Getting Through’ and creative process with Imogen Clark

Join us as we step into the world of Imogen Clark’s music-making process for her upcoming album ‘The Art of Getting Through’, and what it’s really like recording at the legendary Abbey Road.

Imogen Clark, the talented Australian singer songwriter, recently sat down with Happy Mag for an exclusive interview, giving us the inside scoop on her highly anticipated album.

After recording the AIR-nominated “Bastards” over Zoom during the COVID lockdowns in Sydney, Imogen was determined to take a different approach for her upcoming album. 

Writing over a hundred songs, she embarked on a musical pilgrimage, visiting cities that had inspired her musically, including London, Nashville, and Los Angeles. This journey led her to some of the world’s most iconic recording spaces, such as Peter Frampton’s Studio Phenix in Nashville, Abbey Road in London, and East West in Los Angeles, where the legendary “Pet Sounds” was recorded.

Imogen’s songs, a blend of pop-rock and indie-pop, serve as pages from her diary, capturing moments, memories, and confessions from her journey. Battling anxiety and insecurity, she fights for her identity and beliefs, elevating intimate emotions to arena-level anthems.

One of her favourite songs, ‘All Hard Feelings,’ released in January, features the line “I can’t remember what I did last week, but I can still hear your burnt CD.” Imogen finds solace in relatable moments, making her music uniquely special.

Her upcoming album, “The Art of Getting Through” (out May 23 via Potts Entertainment/MGM), proudly defies genre boundaries, showcasing Imogen’s versatility as a songwriter and recording artist. 

A sought-after collaborator, Imogen has worked with iconic figures and contemporary indie stars, including Alex Lahey, Colin Hay, Jim Keltner, and members of Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers, Elvis Costello’s Imposters, Gang of Youths, Dawes, My Morning Jacket, and more.

Prepare to immerse yourself in Imogen Clark’s musical world as she takes us through life’s ups and downs, sharing plans to move to Nashville this year and reflecting on the healing that transpired in 2023 to make it all possible for 2024.

Stay tuned for updates and sneak peeks from Imogen Clark’s ‘The Art of Getting Through,’ and mark your calendars for May 31st.

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