Kwesi Arthur is leading the way for the next generation of African music


Kwesi Arthur reflects on a good day, which includes a little bit of what matters, creativity, family, art, and quality time with the woman that he loves.

Kwesi has been quietly carving his own path in hip-hop, bringing a dynamic mix of hard-hitting backbeats and warm afro-infused melodies that have become synonymous with his name. 

Following on from his recently well-received debut album Son Of Jacob, Kwesi has freshly released his newest single, ‘Nirvana’ a sunshine-infused track that features the vocal talent of Kofi Mole.

The infectious multi-lingual single, sung in Twi and English, proudly projects Kwesi’s cultural pride alongside a sense of empowerment and determination to overcome.

This year’s Spotify unwrapped, had Kwesi placed comfortably as the sixth most streamed artist in Ghana, following close on the heels of Drake, Burna Boy, and fellow Ghanaian Black Sherif, clearly marking him as one of the brightest talents from the new generation of artists coming out of the African continent right now.

We sat down to chat with Kwesi about his hometown and to ask his thoughts on what a perfect day holds.

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HAPPY: What are you up to today?

KWESI:  Hey, got a lot of scheming to do today and I’m recording from home later in the day. Got a couple of songs to edit and send out for mixing.

HAPPY: Tell us about where you live?

KWESI: Community 9, Tema in my biased opinion is the most lit among about 25 suburbs of Tema.  Home of legends like AB Crientsil ( May his soul rest in perfect peace), Abubakar Yakubu (RIP), the legendary Nana Fyn, Sarkodie and Kwesi Arthur. It doesn’t get more Tema than Community 9 I swear.

It’s home to Gas, Hausas, Ewes, Akans, Asians, and people from different parts of Africa and the world and because of its proximity to West Africa’s biggest port, it’s blessed with diversity.

I feel like that taught me to understand people and how diverse we can be. That’s where I spent most of my childhood and early adult life so it’s dear to me.

It felt like a big family most of the time growing up and I love that about C9.  I’m not really fond of everyone thinking they can have a say about your life and how you live it because of that aspect.

I’ve had my fair share of fun moments and a few bruises from playing soccer on its numerous football fields and I love the food there. 

HAPPY: Describe your average work day.

KWESI: On my average work days I wake up at 9 am and go straight on my phone which I think is very bad. I’m working on quitting that btw pray, meditate, do some push-ups, read and shower.

I might jump on a call with my family and my team and get some work out of the way. I work on music for the most part and watch videos on YouTube along the way. I post on my socials and eat in between times and get back to work till I’m done with whatever I have to do.

I usually retire to bed at 1 am and I’m sleeping by 2 am.

HAPPY: What about your ultimate day?

KWESI: Talking to my family and ticking out all my goals for the day makes the ultimate day for me 

HAPPY: Tell us about your creative community.

KWESI: I have a big creative community that consists of my real-life community which has people I’ve known for almost 10 years like Tabil who is a DJ, Dayonthetrack, and many others who are true pillars who help me bring ideas and visions to life and run my career, and my virtual creative community of people who aren’t even aware they are on my team but are.

I usually watch these people on YouTube lol. I have Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Kanye West, Dick Gregory, and Jordan Peterson among others on this team. Shouts to Milan, Zek, and Lele tho.

HAPPY: What did you read or watch growing up that fuelled your passion for storytelling?

KWESI: In the Chest of a Woman by Efo Kodjo Mawugbe, Grief Child which we were made to read in Highschool. I’ve been intrigued by movies and TV shows as well. Things we do for love, Sun City. My older cousins put me on Chinese movies when I was young as well. I’m not that good with titles so I don’t remember their names.

HAPPY: What did you read or watch last that opened your eyes and mind to a new perspective?

KWESI: I would say A Journey of an African Colony. Watched that on Netflix some time ago. It’s about how Nigeria came into being. So Nigeria was initially referred to as “Nigger area”  by its colonisers and it’s boundaries as a country were made with little or no regard for the people who occupied these areas.

It was basically a business decision for them and it worked for their purpose. This is the case with almost all the countries we have in Africa and clearly, it’s killing my people. The only people benefiting from this arrangement are the ruling groups and their associates. I feel we need to tackle this and come together as one nation to fix this flaw as a people.

HAPPY: What kind of things do you enjoy doing when you are not working?

KWESI: Watching documentaries, playing football, listening to music.

HAPPY: Study or Self-taught?

KWESI: Study and self-taught.

HAPPY: Nice. What makes you happy?

KWESI: Making music and creating. Chilling with my family. Seeing my people happy. Seeing new places and going to museums with my woman.

Check out Kwesi Arthur’s new video for ‘Nirvana’ below, and stay tuned to his socials for tour dates.



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