nats what i reckon interview

Nat knows a thing or two about fundamentals, crappy cliches, and how to live a life of intent and purpose, which he shares with great humour and compassion in his third book Life: Nat What To Do. 

Musician, YouTuber, comedian, and author, Nat, best known for Nat’s What I Reckon, counts Dave Grohl, Carl Cox, and Yael Stone among his many fans. He has some impressive collaborations under his belt, with Machine Gun Kelly, Mighty Car Mods, and Briggs, and as of this month, the channel has over 433K subscribers and almost 30 million views and counting.

Nat cites cooking as an integral part of his personality, which comes through very genuinely in one of his most popular videos, End of Days Bolognaise, which showcases all of Nat’s strengths to a T. Yes, he is funny, and yes he can cook, and cook really well. The fundamentals are all there, just as they are in his newest book, which at its crux, is an engaging, humorous, and insightful read, Life: Nat What To Do is all about the fundamentals. 

Nat has a lot to share, and a lot to say, and proves there is a lot to be said for actually embarking on an idea that you are passionate about, and seeing it through. Which is exactly what he did with book number three. Guided by this intent, and ultimately by his bruised fingers, Nat has written a gem of a book. 

He gives everyone out there permission to feel, and to express themselves honestly, all the while addressing a systemic and pervading male toxicity. Encouraging fellas to check their ‘fellaness’, to be kind to yourself, and to reflect on the process of wanting to be better, and wanting to improve. 

Sharing his hard-earned wisdom, Nat discusses gaps in the education system, the power of talking, and the importance of having good friends, and good partners that have your back. With humour, compassion, and a great deal of Nats What I Reckon flavour that we have come to know him for, Nat has written a great all-inclusive read, regardless of age, and gender,  Life: Nat What To Do is a book for everyone.

Nat stopped by the Happy Studio to talk bad cliches and what NAT to do.


Life: What NAT to do

Life: Nat What To Do is out now via Penguin