olly alexander

Oliver Alexander is a British singer and actor. He is best known as the lead singer of Years & Years and for his role as Ritchie Tozer in the critically acclaimed television series, It’s a Sin.

London-based, musician, and actor, Olly Alexander, popped into Happy’s studios in between his Sydney and Melbourne appearances at the all-queer line-up Summer Camp festival.

Having spent a decade, in one of the most successful dance-pop bands to come out of the UK in as many years, he has done his fair share of travelling the globe, and more often than not, spent more time in the hotel room, or in the car, as opposed to enjoying the luxuries of being a tourist.

olly alexander years and years

Speaking to the challenges of post covid travelling, the knock-on effect of prices rising, missing flights, flights getting cancelled, and luggage not arriving on schedule. Olly candidly shares how he deals with problems, in what he calls his lifelong journey of self-exploration. Extolling the importance of mindfulness, being in the moment, and the self-healing code that he practises daily for his well-being, Olly had some sound advice on offer, which he attributes to his own personal well-being, in particular writing things down, and talking to someone you trust always helps to ease the burden.

We even shared a sneaky slice of the most Instagrammed cake on the planet.

Olly’s latest album Night Call (Polydor Records) is out, with a fresh new single to boot, Pure Love.

Interview By Radi Safi