Happy chats with The Moderate Themes about debut EP ‘A Movie I Used To Love’

The Moderate Themes

The Moderate Themes debut EP captures the heaviness and humour in feelings of uneasiness and despair.

The Moderate Themes are indie-rockers hailing from the vibrant streets of Sydney. They have introduced their concise and witty sound in the tangible form of their debut EP A Movie I Used To Love, a follow-up to their single Routine. The duo consists of Paul Macadam (guitar/vocals) and Sean Lees (bass), members of beloved local bands Library Siesta and YEEVS.

The EP captures feelings of uneasiness and resisting despair with its imaginative melodies, sharp playing, and lyrics that find heaviness and humour in small details. The EP also sees the duo blending live energy with colourful arrangements, creating an EP that is purely authentic and intimate.

Here at Happy we got the opportunity to sit down with vocalist Paul Macadam about the creation of A Movie I Used To Love, and what we can expect from them in 2023.

The Moderate Themes
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HAPPY: What was the exact moment that you fell in love with music? 

PAUL: Very early on. By the age of three I was right into it, with The Wiggles and The Beatles having a lot to do with that.

HAPPY: You have your debut EP A Movie I Used To Love out into the world. It has been a long time coming for this release, what emotions have you found yourself feeling since its release?

PAUL: Relief, mainly! But also pride in what we’ve made, thankfulness for the kind feedback we’ve been getting, and excitement about what lies ahead.

HAPPY: What was the hardest part about creating this EP? Were there any moments that you found yourself dreading or getting frustrated with?

PAUL: Probably the pandemic. The songs were essentially all written by January 2020, and the original plan was to start recording in March, so the timing couldn’t have been much worse in that sense. I’m glad we found a way in the end, but there were long stretches where there was very little we could do, other than wait.

HAPPY: Tell us, what is the most underrated song off of your EP that you believe deserves more hype?

PAUL: Guilt, I reckon. Sean (bass) and Tom (drums) knock it out of the park, the lyric is one I’m particularly proud of, and I’ve never worked harder on getting a vocal right than I did there.

HAPPY: If there was one tip that you could give yourself at the start of writing and recording your EP, what would it be?

PAUL: In terms of recording, maybe just remembering to allow room for changes. A song has a will of its own that you’ve gotta stay attuned to, and the arrangement that’s initially in your head isn’t always the best fit.

HAPPY: What’s next for The Moderate Themes?

PAUL: Some launch shows for the EP early in 2023, and, with a bit of luck, we’ll be recording an album by the year’s end.

HAPPY: Lastly, what is the best way that we can all support you as musicians?

PAUL: The standard answer is to go to shows and buy records or merch, which I’d encourage people to do, but not everyone has those options available to them. So instead I’d say to stay curious about what’s going on around you, cos while the stuff you’d most like to hear mightn’t be easily found in a risk-averse culture, it’s definitely out there if you’re willing to dig.

HAPPY: Thank you so much for speaking with us!! I can’t wait for the launch shows in the New Year!

PAUL: Not a problem, and thanks!

Stream A Movie I Used To Love via Spotify below.

Interviewed by Laura Hughes

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