With a candour that’s as sweet as it is sincere tiffi swung by happy to talk ‘Selfish’ and ‘Dating Pool’

In a musical landscape saturated with formulaic pop anthems, tiffi emerges as a breath of fresh air with her latest release, ‘Selfish’ and forthcoming EP ‘Dating Pool.’

Collaborating with LEN20, she delivers a candid exploration of the complexities of modern dating, touching on the all-too-familiar sting of being “ghosted.”

Astonishingly, she penned ‘Selfish’ at just 13 years old, drawing from her early experiences of heartbreak and the ache of internet friendships turned cold.

It’s this kind of youthful authenticity that infuses the song with a universal quality that strikes a chord, speaking to the complexities of modern dating – the visualiser to ‘Selfish‘ is nothing short of a nostalgic gem.

‘Dating Pool’ marks a pivotal moment in tiffi’s artistic evolution, bidding farewell to her beloved bedroom pop era. While we savour the distinct flavour of this musical phase, there’s an air of anticipation for what tiffi has in store for us next.

With ‘Dating Pool’ serving as a taste of what’s to come, tiffi’s trajectory in the music industry promises something truly extraordinary.

Her fiercely independent spirit and knack for capturing the complexities of human emotion set her on a steady course, and as listeners, we find ourselves eagerly awaiting the next chapter in tiffi’s musical journey.

Keep your ear out for Dating Pool here, and her forthcoming appearances at SXSW Sydney from October 15th to 22nd.