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Vanilla Tupu challenges the current status quo, to bring to the forefront a new voice both in front of and behind the screen

During a recent chat with Happy Mag, Vanilla Tupu, the filmmaker and line producer of the documentary ‘ONEFOUR: Against All Odds,’ shared insights into the film’s success, which has achieved the noteworthy position of second nationally on Netflix in Australia within its initial 38 hours.

Directed by Gabriel Gasparinatos, the 85-minute documentary captures the remarkable rise of ONEFOUR, Australia’s pioneering drill rap group. Despite grappling with intense police pressure and censorship, the group has managed to carve out a significant space in the Australian hip-hop scene.

The documentary offers an insightful look into the lives of ONEFOUR members, exploring their experiences with street life and incarceration while highlighting their influential role as leaders in the Pacific Islander community—a crucial aspect of their identity within the broader Australian context.

In our conversation, Tupu emphasizes the documentary’s importance in the Australian music scene, which makes it a must-watch for enthusiasts interested in understanding the challenges faced by young artists on their path to success. The film, showcasing the group’s resilience, addresses the need for narratives that bridge cultural gaps, particularly focusing on the representation of Pacific Islanders on the global stage.

Tupu passionately calls for a shift in narrative, aiming to spotlight the underrepresented Pacific Islander community not only in Australia but also beyond. The documentary skillfully weaves together a diverse tapestry of storytelling, challenging prevailing narratives both in front of and behind the screen.

Vanilla Tupu’s journey in the music world is a crucial part of this narrative, playing a pivotal role, especially as the producer of DMA’s recent ARIA-winning clip. Committed to amplifying voices that often go unheard, Tupu continues to make significant strides in the industry, leaving a lasting impact on Australian music and film.

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