Kim Kardashian under fire for mistreating her cleaning staff

Kim Kardashian has come under fire after alleged violations against her cleaning staff for her $60 million Hidden Hills mansion.

A lawsuit was filed on Monday by seven of Kardashian’s cleaning staff after they were allegedly mistreated on the job.

Andrew Ramirez, his brother Christopher Ramirez, his son Andrew Ramirez, followed by Aaron Cabrea, Rene Ernesto Flores, Jesse Fernandez and Robert Araiza have all come forward to authorities.

hidden hills mansion
Image: New York Post

Together, they cite a vast number of misconducts faced during their cleaning, gardening and maintenance of the celebrity’s $60 million Hidden Hills mansion.

According to the lawsuit (which is 21 pages long btw) – these misconducts include Kardashian not paying staff adequate wages, not paying overtime, being late with payments, and withholding 10 per cent of their wages for taxes.

Taxes that allegedly weren’t even forwarded to the government.

Furthermore, the staff are reporting that they did not receive adequate breaks while on the job.

Even worse, according to the lawsuit, the crew alleged that multiple underage minors were working on the property, leading to a violation of child labour laws.

One employee, Andrew Ramirez, alleged he was fired after raising concerns about his rights and especially those of his 16-year-old son who was also working on the property, in addition to tax issues and the lack of proper meal breaks.

In an individual claim, Ramirez alleged that his son worked more than the maximum hours allotted for minors under California labour laws, which is currently 48. That’s a lot for one week.

In fact, the plaintiffs alleged that they regularly worked over five or ten hours a day, without being provided with at least a half-hour meal breaks where they’d be relieved of their duties.

Alas, Kardashian and her team seem to be playing it dumb.

According to a response to the report, Kardashian allegedly hired a third-party vendor to organise the service, and was unaware of how the vendor handled the workers.

According to a NY Daily News source: “Kim has no knowledge and is most certainly not at fault for the vendor and his agreements with his employees”.

A representative for Kardashian told TMZ that “Kim has never not paid a vendor for their services and hopes that the issue between these workers and the vendor who hired them can be amicably resolved.”