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J Milla

J-MILLA’s NITH entry “Nicest,” featuring Thir13een, is a dynamic display of unfiltered energy and musical prowess.

The track opens with a bold synth-driven intro, infusing it with a palpable West Coast vibe and an addictive bounce.

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This infectious composition showcases J-MILLA‘s ability to captivate listeners with its catchy hooks and impactful storytelling.

Produced by J-WESS, “Nicest” benefits from Thir13een’s harmonies, adding depth to its feel-good atmosphere.

The accompanying video, filmed at Darwin’s Hilton Hotel by filmmaker Tully Hemsley, offers a lighthearted visual narrative, with J-MILLA’s real-life aunties portraying “Karens.”

Beyond the music, “Nicest” forms part of a modern NFT campaign through Serenade and a TikTok initiative with TikTok Australia, revealing J-MILLA’s progressive approach to music promotion and fan interaction.

J-MILLA’s debut album, “On My Soul,” is set to launch any second now, leaving no doubt in our minds that his lyrical depth and versatility are poised to make a lasting impact in the music industry.

Hailing from Darwin and proudly representing his Mak Mak Marranungu heritage, J-MILLA’s journey has been marked by challenges, but his love for music and storytelling has been his anchor.

“Nicest” is a brilliant beginning of what’s to come from this rising star, showcasing his ability to blend raw emotion, unapologetic energy, and powerful storytelling in his music.

Check out J-MILLA’s Instagram here.

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