J-MILLA is fast becoming a dominant force in Australian Hip-Hop with ‘On My Soul

J-MILLA emerges as a dynamic force in Australian hip-hop with ‘On My Soul’, a triumph.

Australian hip-hop is witnessing a rising star in J-MILLA, and his latest release, ‘On My Soul’, showcases his most potent work yet.

Following a standout performance at BIGSOUND, this track marks a significant evolution for the young artist.

j milla

It’s a track that marks a significant step forward for the young musician and wordsmith. This year has been nothing short of extraordinary for him, with industry recognition and a historic live-streamed performance in Wadeye during Reconciliation Week 2023, a first of its kind, amassing over 689k viewers.

Recorded in Adelaide, ‘On My Soul’ features a mesmerising string arrangement courtesy of composer Nick Wales and accomplished violinist Veronique Serret.

Their collaboration underscores J-MILLA’s versatility as an artist. The final touches, including mixing and mastering, were deftly handled by Prospeks, adding a polished sheen to the track.

Following the earlier release of ‘NICEST‘ in 2023, ‘On My Soul’ exudes confidence, signaling a significant stride forward for the Darwin-born artist. It serves as a tantalizing preview of the creative depths J-MILLA is poised to explore.

“‘On My Soul’ tells a snippet of the story of my life, from where I started to where I am now and how my values have changed and evolved. It speaks of the importance of being authentic and having integrity because everything you do imprints your soul and you wear that stuff, that energy, so I want my energy to shine with good vibes,” reflects J-MILLA.

‘On My Soul’ not only solidifies J-MILLA’s position in the Australian hip-hop scene but also resonates on a broader level, celebrating the power of authenticity and personal evolution. It’s a compelling preview of the brilliance yet to come from this rising star.


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Check out J-Milla’s forthcoming tour dates below:

Saturday 4th November Yidiyi Day Wadeye, NT

Saturday 18th November Giiyong Festival Eden, NSW 

Saturday 11th November  CLANCESTRY, Mob Music Stage QPAC – Brisbane

Mon January 1st FIELD DAY Sydney, NSW