J-MILLA’s ‘Nicest’ ft Thir13een is a joyful ode to overcoming adversity and spreading good vibes

J-MILLA’s latest single Nicest is a burst of unfiltered energy and musical prowess that’s set to captivate audiences with its infectious hooks and powerful storytelling

J-MILLA’s latest release “Nicest” ft Thir13een is a vibrant explosion of energy that highlights his uninhibited and unfiltered ADHD-charged creativity. With a dazzling display of boundary-pushing artistry and unbridled musical prowess, J-MILLA is adept at bringing listeners along for an electrifying ride.

Boasting a synth-driven intro that’s as bold as it is addictive, its West Coast vibes are palpable, radiating an irresistible bounce that’s more contagious than a viral sensation. This track is a powerhouse of creativity and originality, hitting with the force of a meteorite and leaving listeners awe-struck and hungry for more.

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Produced by J-WESS, “Nicest” features a catchy hook and sweet harmonies courtesy of Thir13een, adding depth and dimension to the track’s feel-good atmosphere. The accompanying film-clip, filmed at the Hilton Hotel in Darwin and created by emerging NT filmmaker Tully Hemsley, is a cheeky and wacky visual treat, featuring J’s real-life aunties portraying the white-privileged “Karens” and showcasing J’s inimitable ability to turn a frown upside down.

“Nicest” is not just a standalone single, but also part of an NFT campaign via Serenade and a Tik Tok campaign thanks to Tik Tok Australia, demonstrating J-MILLA’s forward-thinking approach to his music and engagement with fans. Currently curating and putting the finishing touches on his forthcoming debut album titled “On My Soul,” set to release in September 2023, J-MILLA’s lyrically prolific and profound style is poised to make a powerful impact in the music world.

Hailing from Darwin and proudly representing his Mak Mak Marranungu heritage, J-MILLA’s journey has been marked by challenges, but his love for music and storytelling has been his anchor. Despite facing intergenerational trauma that affects many Aboriginal families, J-MILLA found solace in music and used his passion for writing lyrics and telling his own stories as a weapon to maintain a healthy mental state for himself and his siblings. His lyrical content oscillates between deep societal commentary and banging club vibes, showcasing his versatility and unique perspective.

Even amidst the challenges of the pandemic, J-MILLA honed his live show, playing over 30 shows between 2020 and 2022, including remote Aboriginal community festivals, BITG, PFFF, Garma, and Darwin Festival, as well as delivering an unforgettable performance at the 2022 NIMAs. With his forthcoming album “On My Soul” on the horizon, J-MILLA’s music is set to captivate audiences with its raw emotion, unapologetic energy, and powerful storytelling. “Nicest” is a testament to J-MILLA’s musical prowess and artistic vision, and a thrilling preview of what’s to come from this rising star in the music industry.

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Saturday April 1st

Alice Springs – Free concert for youth

Friday April 21st

Groovin the Moo, Cattleyard Stage [Wayville, SA]

Saturday May 27th  [confidential]

AFL Doug Nicols. Indigenous Round televised LIVE on  Channel 7 national  [NTFL Sports Stadium, Darwin]

Thursday June 1st

Wadeye Aboriginal Community, NT