Up, Close & Personal With Afs Williams

Kicks, Hennessy, and creativity that knows no bounds, uncovering  Afs Williams, the visionary behind “Luv Right Now” 

When Afs Williams lays down a dance track, you know the dance floor is where you’ve got to be. “Luv Right Now” pulses with life, inviting you to step into the moment with a feeling that time’s got your back.

With guest vocals from Renny & Felicity Light, Williams weaves a tale of unspoken connection among revelers. You can feel Williams’ meticulous touch in every beat and lyric.

Afs Williams

The refrain “Too much time” keeps you entranced, reminding you that this moment, right here, is all that counts. And in the club, that’s pretty much gospel.

Williams hits the mark spot on. “Luv Right Now” is a sonic gem, and Afs Williams, the man behind the beats, serves as a living testament to the intriguing nature of our struggles.

Born into a world that demanded resilience, he found solace and expression in music. The result? A sound that’s as real as it gets. In each note, you can almost feel the pulse of a life lived on the edge, turning adversity into art.

It’s the kind of magic that happens when we let life’s challenges shape our melody, adding a unique, compelling layer to our story. Let’s delve into what makes Afs Williams, Afs Williams.

Cerne Studios takes the reins, crafting Afs Williams’ latest visual journey. Shot at Noir nightclub, Oxford Street’s newest sensation, the music video comes to life. Known for directing Masked Wolf’s “Astronaut in the Ocean” video, Cerne Studios infuses Afs Williams’ music with a visual allure to match the beats.

When it’s time to raise a glass, you can bet on Hennessy being Afs Williams’ top pick over vodka, with Moet being a cherished libation that frequently graces his hand. It’s these refined tastes that add an extra layer of character to the man behind the music.


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A true advocate of the digital age, Afs Williams sees the traditional single launch as a relic of the past. In the creative sanctuaries of the studio and on set, he immerses himself, finding his flow, and seeking solace through meditation. His muse? The vast spectrum of creative minds that defy boundaries. For Williams, creativity knows no bounds, and it’s this belief that shapes his music, ensuring it transcends genre confines and stands as a beacon of uniqueness in the musical landscape.

With roots tracing back to Egypt and firmly planted in Sydney’s vibrant soil, Afs Williams wears his heritage and hometown pride on his sleeve. His mission? To catapult Australian music onto the global stage. Boundless in his aspirations, Williams refuses to confine his sound within the walls of any one genre. His dedication to nurturing the Australian music scene echoes in every note, a resounding call to elevate it to world-class status.


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Offstage, he’s all about kicks and hoops. Basketball’s his game, and sneakers? Well, let’s just say he’s got a thing for them. When he’s not in the studio crafting beats, you can catch Afs Williams indulging in his other two passions: sneakers and basketball. He’s a certified sneakerhead, with an enviable collection that’s a testament to his love for footwear. On any given day, you’ll find him hitting the court, honing his skills and sinking shots, showcasing a dedication to the game that mirrors his commitment to his music.

From the streets to the studio, Williams’ journey is one of transformation, proving that music has the power to rewrite life’s script.

A self-proclaimed ‘business fanatic’, hustled his way through a tough upbringing, finding survival in the unlikeliest of places – the pulse of street life and a brief stint in the world of small-time drug trade. This rocky road eventually led him to a moment of reflection within the walls of a correctional facility. It was there, amidst the echoes of confinement, that Williams discovered his true calling – music, a lifeline that would lead him towards a path of redemption and reinvention.