Artist on Artist: Frank Turner & Teenage Joans bond over new single ‘Girl From The Record Shop’

Fresh off a new release, our fav punks get together for chat about ‘Girl From A Record Shop,’  first records, fav bands and everything in between

UK punk legend Frank Turner and Adelaide duo Teenage Joans have joined forces to revamp Frank’s recent single ‘Girl From The Record Shop’.

Originally released in late February as a precursor to Frank’s upcoming album ‘Undefeated’, the track was already bursting with classic punk energy. Now, with the addition of Teenage Joans, it’s taken to a whole new level.

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Frank couldn’t be happier about the collaboration, stating, “I’m thrilled to be working with Teenage Joans – one of my favourite newer bands.

They’ve really brought their own spark to this track, flipping the lyrics in a way that’s got me laughing and dancing along to my own song.”

For Teenage Joans, the opportunity to collaborate with a punk icon like Frank was a dream come true. “We were over the moon when Frank asked us to join him on this song. It’s got that punchy, punk vibe that we love, and with Tahlia actually working at a record shop, it felt like the perfect fit for us!”

As anticipation builds for ‘Undefeated’, this collaboration showcases the seamless camaraderie between established artists and rising stars in the punk scene.

With ‘Girl From The Record Shop’, Frank Turner and Teenage Joans invite listeners to immerse themselves in a spirited musical journey that’s both rebellious and heartwarming.

Read on below for what has to be one our favourite artist on artists interviews this year!


TJ: What was the first record you ever bought with your own money?

FRANK: “Number Of The Beast” by Iron Maiden (though it was on cassette, not vinyl, alas). Great record.

TJ: What’s the weirdest/craziest place a fan has noticed you?

FRANK: Halfway up a mountain in California. It was not a convenient time or place to do a selfie.

TJ: Fav record of 2023?

FRANK: It’s a tie! Nobro – Set Your Pussy Free. And then of course The Rot That Grows Inside My Chest…!

TJ: If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

FRANK: I always figure that a well-cared for family dog has a pretty idyllic life.

TJ: You’re a character in a romcom in the final dramatic scene – running through the rain, on your way to get the girl (from the record shop, duh) – what song do you think is the perfect soundtrack for this moment?

FRANK: Aside from our song we’ve just done together, I’d probably say “Bat Out of Hell” by Meat Loaf – though that would make it a really long run.


FRANK: What was the most important show you went to, growing up, in terms of your future path through music?

Tahlia: 5sos in 2015 for the ‘rock out with your socks out’ tour! I cried during the whole show because I couldn’t believe I was seeing my biggest influences live

 Cahli: Ed Sheeran in 2015 (I was 14) was SO surreal! He was the reason I started taking guitar seriously so to see him at such a young age was super inspiring.

FRANK: You’re allowed to say “Thank you” to one musician, alive or dead. Who is it?

TJ: We probably owe our biggest thank you to 5sos! They were such a huge influence on both of us personally and also the reason we became best friends the first day we met!

FRANK:  I toured before satnav / google maps was a thing. It was hard! Do you reckon you’d cope? If the satellites all went down or whatever.

TJ: If we had our tour manager Jordan, we’d probably be fine! She’s an absolute gun. On our own though, that would be a different story…

FRANK:  Give me one new Aussie band / artist to check out that I haven’t heard of.

TJ: One of our favs at the moment is Aleksiah! She’s absolutely killing it, such a powerful songwriter with an awesome voice, and the most wonderful human!

FRANK:  Did you know that you (Australians) are being scammed by Big Pringle? As in, Pringle crisps are, like, way smaller in Australia than elsewhere in the world. It’s fucked. What do you plan to do about this outrage?

TJ: You know what, THAT CHECKS OUT! Ever since pringles went from $2 a can to $6, we haven’t trusted them! Maybe we need to riot Pringles HQ or something!

Preorder ‘Undefeated’ here.