Soná masters the ambient ballad on new single ‘This Colour’

Soná’s new single This Colour inhabits a soundscape so airy you just might levitate.  

Soná has released This Colour, a heartfelt rumination on love and loss that serves as the Adelaide musician’s fourth single of 2023. Opening with melancholic piano keys and subtle guitar strums, the track immediately sets an ambient tone. 

Soná begins in the style of a ballad by forefronting his timbered vocals, which remain the major drawcard of an already mesmeric track.


This Colour’s vocal-led opening later makes way for richer production, with atmospheric synths and the groove of a sultry R&b beat. 

While he adds texture to the track in a range of ways — from airy backing harmonies to jittering electronic effects — Soná remains focussed refining on his sparse yet captivating soundscape, so ambient you can almost imagine it being sung as a lullaby. 

The effect is altogether entrancing, as Soná’s rich vocals pair effortlessly with the airy production. While soft, ambient pop is perhaps a fitting descriptor, This Colour is not without groove, with intermittent percussion and repeated refrains giving it a sense of flow. 

Lyrically, Soná digs deep into his psyche for a heartfelt rumination on the challenges of love. Taking emotive cues from the colour blue, the singer laments a potential breakup and questions the longevity of a relationship, all while remaining painfully infatuated with the song’s subject. 

Check out Soná’s live performance below:


It’s rare for musicians to showcase their vulnerability with such tangible sincerity, but Soná invites listeners into the intimate and universal tale with grace. 

“The rain is falling,” he pines atop gradually ascending production, “But me, I’m wondering if we’re through.” So personal is the memory that you can imagine it scribbled in the pages of Soná’s own diary.

Such mastery of his particular sonic lane is perhaps to be expected, since Soná has long been making a name for himself in both his Adelaide hometown and abroad.

Since his breakout in 2021, the singer has burst into London’s indie music scene and headlined the legendary Camden Assembly. Elsewhere, he has performed alongside Kat Adamou at the famousO2 Academy Islington.

It’s an impressive list of accolades for an artist who’s yet to release a full-length project and yet, with a track as good as This Colour, we’re sure Soná is just getting started. 

Listen to Soná’s new single This Colour below.