Afs Williams ‘Luv Right Now’ invites you to hit the dance floor and embrace the moment

Sometimes the dance floor is the only place to be, especially when Afs Williams drops a dance track, with killer guest vocals.

There is no doubt that the club is the perfect place to experience “Luv Right Now’ in all its pulsating glory.

For those moments when the rush of being alive requires a physical expression, and you are stepping towards something new with the sense that time is on your side.

afs williams

It’s where you can let go of all that pent-up emotional energy that life demands, and just let it all out.

Enter “Luv Right Now,” a track that blends the crossroads of R&B and dance-pop into an irresistible mix. Sinking it’s hooks in deep, “Luv Right Now” is almost impossible to resist.

The song’s catchy hook and the beat work hand in hand capturing the complexity of life and love, becoming a soundtrack of pure human emotion set to rhythm. 

Lyrically, “Luv Right Now” tells a story of being caught in between the space of new love, and old love, adding an extra layer of depth to the already lively sound of the track, inviting listeners into a world of emotions and relatable moments.

There is an invitation in the song that encourages stepping forward, and being open to where it all takes you.

afs williams

Incorporating guest vocalists Renny & Felicity Light, into the mix balances out the track perfectly, portraying the unspoken communication between a couple of dance floor revellers. In this way, Williams’ meticulous production is evident in every facet of the track. 

The lyrics “Too much time” hypnotically repeat, and make you feel like now is all there is, and that this moment in time is all that matters, and when you are in the club, that is pretty much all that matters, and Williams nails this to a T. 

“Luv Right Now” is a sonic gem, its impeccable clarity and refinement a testament to Williams’ honing of his craft at Sydney’s renowned Studio 301. It’s this dedication to sonic perfection that is set to guarantee a repeat play through your speakers. 

Having taken center stage in some of Sydney’s most electric nightlife scenes, Afs Williams has solidified a strong rapport with a solid fan base, hanging onto every melodious nuance he delivers. “Luv Right Now” serves to strengthen this bond even further, providing his followers with a musical evolution that stays true to his signature charm without missing a beat.

Prepare to dive in, because “Luv Right Now” is now at your fingertips, streaming across all the major platforms, from Spotify to Apple Music, and even lighting up the screen on YouTube.

Whether you’ve been following Afs Williams’ artistic journey for a while or you’re on the lookout for a new dance groove, this release deserves a place on your playlist. Beyond being just a song, Afs Williams’ “Luv Right Now” extends an invitation to embrace the present moment and step forward with openness for the what the future may hold.  It has to be said, the endless possibilities it conjures are quite intoxicating. 

Afs Williams is carving out a distinctive niche by skillfully blending urban music with dance elements. Since his debut, he has garnered a dedicated following, amassing over 1 million views on his social media platforms. With a background that includes working in some of Sydney’s renowned studios and performing at popular nightlife venues, Afs Williams has firmly established himself as a noteworthy presence in the music scene.