mowgli may

From the FIFA Fan Fest to TikTok virality, Mowgli May ushers in a dancefloor revolution with her track “Streets Calling.”

Fresh from igniting the FIFA World Cup Fan Festival at Sydney’s Tumbalong Park, we caught up with DJ and artist Mowgli May.

While simultaneously delivering the soundtrack to the Women’s soccer championships, she’s also making waves with her latest track, “Streets Calling.”

With unfiltered enthusiasm, Mowgli May walks us through “Streets Calling” a track that  perfectly bottles her enthusiasm for life’s simple pleasures.

As we chatted, she emphasised how music is her lifeline, a sentiment that resonates through in her tunes. 

Hailing from the dynamic music scene of Gadigal land, Mowgli May has emerged not just as a DJ but a master of setting the vibe and leading the crowd. 

Her authentic, sweet, and engaging energy, naturally makes her a favourite, and it’s no surprise she’s held sway at major festivals and shared stages with international heavyweights, extending her influence far beyond the studio.

mowgli may

Collaborating with Tyoow, “Streets Calling” marks the culmination of a partnership brewing since 2021. The track’s catchy hooks have found virility on TikTok, further propelling its popularity.

During our conversation, Mowgli May gave us insights into her creative process, the urban backdrop that fuels her music, and the unexpected surge of energy behind “Streets Calling.” For her, music isn’t a mere pastime; it’s a lifeline, and “Streets Calling” is the anthem of her journey.

In a world where music mirrors life’s vibrant snapshots, “Streets Calling” emerges as a reminder to embrace the now, and extends an open invitation to dance through life.

As her music reverberates through the streets, Mowgli May proves, most meaningful way to navigate life is to let its beat guide us—one step at a time.

Listen to “Streets Calling” here.